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Removal of dirt around poles intrigues Ridgewood


Removal of dirt around poles intrigues Ridgewood
Tuesday, September 24, 2013
The Record

RIDGEWOOD — Crews from Public Service Electric and Gas were back on Hope Street last week, but they were not there to install utility poles.

The workers were there to remove something — dirt from around the base of seven of the controversial poles, a PSE&G spokeswoman said in an email.

“In response to complaints from residents, we are taking steps to address the staining that appears at the base of several recently installed utility poles,” Karen Johnson wrote on Friday.

Crews arrived Friday in unmarked white vans, residents reported, and, using shovels, removed “several inches of soil around the base of seven poles,” Johnson said. The dug-up dirt was transferred into white garbage bags. It was then replaced with fresh topsoil.

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5 thoughts on “Removal of dirt around poles intrigues Ridgewood

  1. They complained about contamination so PSE&G removed the dirt. Isn’t that what you wanted?

  2. You sure it wasn’t the men in black. Wow unmarked white vans.

  3. looks like the tar on the base of every pole

  4. Aronsohn doesnt get this excited about Valley why so much attention to this non-issue

  5. PSE&G has put markers along Ridgewood Ave. where they plan on installing the new poles. You can see the white markers sticking up.

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