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Rep. Scott Garrett : No Budget No Pay

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No Budget No Pay
February 22,2013
Rep. Scott Garrett

Washington has a gigantic spending problem. Recently, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) continued to sound the alarm about our unsustainable path. CBO reported that by 2023 our national debt will explode by another $10 trillion to $26 trillion. To put this into perspective, everyone in America, including every newborn upon taking its first breath, owes the federal government $53,000 in debt.

It’s often hard for people to think of this debt as each of ours, but the simple truth is that government is funded by you and me. Every time government borrows money, you and I have to pay it back. Government spending (commonly referred to as investment) is code for higher taxes in the future.

The fiscal path America is on is not mathematically sustainable. Without serious spending cuts, we will not be able to keep the commitments we have already made to millions of hardworking Americans. Current retirees do not have anything to worry about. Unfortunately, future retirees do. Reforms are imperative. The longer we wait, the more doors to economic opportunity – for you, our children, and our children’s children – will continue to close.

The first step to tackling our debt and deficit, must be a budget. This is what you do, and so must Washington. The choices won’t be easy, but they are necessary to save our children and grandchildren’s future.

The last time the United States Senate passed a budget gas was a $1.83 and the TV show Jersey Shore hadn’t yet aired. For the fourth time in five years, President Obama missed the legal deadline for submitting his proposed budget to Congress. The last time President Obama submitted a budget it did not receive a single vote – from either Democrats or Republicans.

Instead of kicking the can down the road, House Republicans have consistently put pen to paper and passed budgets. I proudly offered two budgets the last two years. To hold the Senate accountable, Congress recently passed the No Budget No Pay Act. The law is simple, if Congress fails to pass a budget, Member pay will be withheld. I supported the No Budget No Pay Act, and I believe it will force the Senate to finally pass a budget.

It is long past time that Washington budget responsibly, reduce the budget deficit, and get our spending under control. This is what the American people expect. This is what the American people deserve.

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