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Repairs Continue as NASA Prepares for Next Artemis I Launch Opportunity

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Cape Canaveral Fl, as repair work continues, our mission control teams are preparing for the next launch attempt of Artemis I, our uncrewed flight test to the Moon.

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Officials stopped the Sept. 3 launch countdown after discovering a hydrogen leak in a quick disconnect, an interface between the hydrogen fuel feed line on the mobile launcher and the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket. Engineers are making progress repairing the area, and NASA is preserving options for the next launch opportunity as early as Friday, Sept. 23.
Although Artemis I will not have human crew members aboard, senior leadership stressed the importance of thoroughly testing and understanding the systems to ensure the safety of future astronauts who will rely on the SLS, the Orion spacecraft, and the ground systems at Kennedy Space Center for later Artemis missions.
In order to replace the seal on the quick disconnect, technicians have set up a tent-like enclosure around the work area that protects the hardware from the weather and other environmental conditions. After the repair work is completed, teams will test the seal under the same conditions it will experience during launch and evaluate plans for the next launch attempt.
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