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Replacement of Hydraulic lift and the future of the Central Garage

Replacement of Hydraulic lift and the future of the Central Garage
November 8,2012
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, While the Village council has opted to replace and install a new in-ground hydraulic lift  ,the real issue seems to be the continued operation of the Central Garage facility on Chestnut Street .

Deputy Mayor Albert Pucciarelli told the Ridgewood News ,”that he was “biting my tongue” when he voted for the capital project, which he considered a bandage for a bigger issue.

“This highlights the need to look at the facility on Chestnut Street. It’s very capital intensive,” Pucciarelli said. “I think we really need to look if that facility can be relocated or replaced … for zoning reasons and [because] it’s a capital pig. It requires a lot of money. The very structure itself is in need of repair.”

The Village Council unanimously approved the appropriation of $40,000 from the municipal capital account for the project ,replacing the heavy duty lift that had recently broke beyond repair.

When pressed by residents about shared services and possibly using another town’s hydraulic lift ,Village Manager Ken Gabbert, roughly 20 other municipalities have a hydraulic lift similar to the one in Ridgewood.

“For us to take our vehicles to another municipality when our full fleet staff is here, that would be difficult,” Gabbert said. “Every single opportunity, we explore shared service. If there was a possibility [to share a hydraulic lift] we would do that.(“

The council will discuss the future of the central garage facility in December .

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