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Ridgewood author’s first novel is a study in luck

Ridgewood author’s first novel is a study in luck

Friday, April 20, 2012



The Ridgewood News

With the recent national spotlight on the lottery, it is easy to view luck from a purely monetary state of mind. But as local author Lilian Duval would likely tell you, there is far more to chance and fate than a large sum of cash.Experiences with chance have not only shaped the Ridgewood resident’s outlook on life, but also determined the direction of her first novel, the recently published “You Never Know,” which follows several decades in the life of “an accidental lottery winner,” as Duval refers to her central character, Tobias.

“It’s really a study in luck,” Duval said, summarizing the philosophy behind her novel. “Even the most determined person who doesn’t believe in fate is bound to be affected by events out of his of her control.”

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