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UPDATE:Ridgewood Beats Hackensack 21-7 in Season Opener

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Ridgewood Nj, the Ridgewood Maroons beat Hackensack 21-7 at historic Hinchliffe Stadium in Paterson on Saturday, September 2nd for the opener of the Ridgewood Football Season .

The Maroons scored after a 13 yard run then a 17 yard run for a touchdown . Ridgewood scored again on a 35 yard touchdown run and in the 3rd quarter Maroons scored one last time on a 3 yard run.

The defense recovered a 2 fumbles and came up with  a key interception shutting down a Hackensack drive.

Maroons led in total yards 212 to 207 for Hackensack and Hackensack led in passing yards with 94, but Ridgewood churned up 197 yards rushing with running back Colin Lake running for 65 yards in 13 carries including two touchdowns .  The big story was turnovers with Hackensack turning the ball over 3 times .

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3 thoughts on “UPDATE:Ridgewood Beats Hackensack 21-7 in Season Opener

  1. Historic Hinchcliffe….blah blah blah. It’s a money pit.

  2. The Great Falls district is generating fresh economic activity. The Hinchliffe renovation is part of that. The bridge near the falls was completely repaired and broadened. This is a good thing for Paterson and for NNJ.

  3. Four touchdowns, but only 21 points??

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