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Ridgewood Board of Education election and the Village Council election are hitting the mail boxes around the Village

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ballots for the Ridgewood Board of Education election and the Village Council election will hit the mailboxes around the Village of Ridgewood. They should be mailed back before May 12th. We recommend that you mail them back within next 4-5 days and not wait until May 12th to avoid any delays.


14 thoughts on “Ridgewood Board of Education election and the Village Council election are hitting the mail boxes around the Village

  1. THANKS James.
    I rely upon your endorsements .
    Also…vote NO on the budget.
    AND if you don’t use BLACK INK it won’t get counted.
    We don’t need any ‘hanging chads’ problems here.

  2. Don’t use check mark. Just fill the ovals and the certification.

  3. Don’t vote for Dani or Kwak they won’t approve anything for our kids

    1. lol the school budget is $115 million

  4. Dani, Kwak, and Lembo will bring bright sunshine to the Board. Thank god

  5. Why would Dani and Kwak no approve anything. As taxpayers, both want responsible spending which is appealing to me . . . so Dani questions why are critical projects went from an estimate of $19 million to $59 million and you assume he won’t vote for anything? He’s asking for an explanation of how that additional $40 million of “critical” projects was determined. Sounds reasonable to me. You know what’s unreasonable? That $30 million PAC and purchasing those gorgeous houses along Brookside Ave for millions of dollars so they can be knocked down and paved over for parking. With respect to Kwak, she has thoroughly explained why here children go to private schools; it has nothing to do the quality of RPS schools. As a product of public schools , a real estate investor and a taxpayer with investments in Ridgewood, I am pretty sure she support RPS. She’s wicked smart and would be an asset to RPS.

  6. I had the privilege of listening to Dani during a presentation at one of the schools. He’s well-informed. He asks great questions. He appears fiscally prudent. He’s *exactly* the type of person we want on the board. He has my vote!

  7. hey, who is this Peroni disease that is putting her signs up all around town?? Thought the deal among candidates was no signs in the age of the Virus?

  8. Thanks Bernie

  9. We need all new blood at all these committees.

  10. The lawn signs are for Pam Perron for Village Council; she is the only one who decided it go ahead with lawn signs. You can find them on the lawns of her supporters . . . the high density, ginormous garage crew . Read other thread on this blog is you want more info.

  11. Wicked smart?

  12. Who is Sergio Alegre?

  13. lawn signs are cheap shit for low lifes
    its ok to support the health care workers with thank you signs in a crisis.
    but for every fucking opinion like the old support your teachers or slow down like your kid lives here make the town look cheap.
    and all the douchebags with their josh signs littering the town 8 months before the election
    trailer park people don’t lose their habits when they move here

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