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Ridgewood Board of Education Proposes a $110,167,997 School budget


March 20,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood Board of Education passed a Resolution for Adoption of the Proposed Preliminary Budget for Submission to the Executive County Superintendent of Schools for, drum roll …. $110,167,997.

10 thoughts on “Ridgewood Board of Education Proposes a $110,167,997 School budget

  1. OH only 110 .2 MILLION ..TOWNS A SHAMBLES Roads are completely crap …PER YEAR means over a Billion dollars a decade ..wake up RIDGEWOOD..We are being soaked by the Pros at every level ..yard signs ahead

  2. Out of control BOE and a school system that no longer ranks nationally. Can’t rest on a tradition of excellence anymore, that horse left the barn decades ago. Fishbein and Brogan both need to go.

  3. When is next board of ed election?

  4. The board of ED is completely out of control

  5. Accurate photo.Taxpayers obligations skyrocketing…literally to the Moon.
    It’s moving time..wait and see the stampede of Boomers Our kids are all done..all except the packing up..hauling Ass..

  6. The rate of increase in the BOE budget has outpaced inflation for a generation. This is not going to end well.

  7. Well. we can all feel good about the fact that at least the Board of Ed is helping turn the kids into better Leftist activists /sarc/. So, as 7:46 asked, when is the next School Board election?

  8. Listen people, it takes time and effort to brainwash kids and turn them into political militants.

  9. 8:10 accurate photo and dynamics for sure..taxpayers getting the Shaft with rocketing frequency as the hacks
    cut up the town,back up their armored trucks and drive away with the loot while taxpayers on the hook forever
    with less and poorer services and infrastructure..we can’t even mill and pave a road in this
    acts as its doing us a favor if they fix a street every fifty years…There’s a better way doubt,

  10. The Board of Ed knew exactly what it was doing when they changed the election date. This totally removed the possibility of voters voting the budget down and released a wild spending spree on the part of the board. They are literally saying, “You can’t stop us. We can charge as much as we want.” If the money was being spent to evaluate some of the teachers, maybe it could be well spent. Years ago we were actually told by a teacher on back to school night–“I’m tenured, I can do whatever I want until I retire.” This was the answer to our question about what she was teaching. And throwing more money is not going to improve our county rankings, much less state and national, any more than it helps the schools in Paterson and Newark to just throw money at them. “Gilding the lily doesn’t make it an any better lily.” Is any of this money going to be used to improve the lunchroom situation? It is neither sensible nor sanitary to have students eating on the floor. The board should be forced to seriously reevaluate this budget and see what they can cut and what is being directed towards actual needs, not frills to make Ridgewood look better.

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