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Ridgewood Could Be Facing a Hudson Garage Parking-apocalypse

photos by Boyd Loving

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, unlike other towns with electric signs warning motorist to slow down and drive 25, the Village in a quest to get more people to park in the Hudson Garage has posted an electric sign loudly proclaiming  ,”come to Ridgewood and park in the new Hudson Garage, its only $1.25 an hour” .  Apparently the short fall in parking revenue is beginning to raise a lot of eyebrows . The new signs clearly target those who don’t go anywhere without GPS/navigation.

22 thoughts on “Ridgewood Could Be Facing a Hudson Garage Parking-apocalypse

  1. Fire village Finance manager. This shortfall was predicted by the all who opposed the garage, which by the way, was the majority of Villagers. Shocking! I am shocked that there are no cars in the garage…perhaps slot machines would help.

  2. Can a deal for apartment dwellers be far behind? This was the plan all along

  3. What the garage needs is a catchy logo, say maybe a smiling SHARK

  4. Why would I park in the garage when there is parking available on the street and in the lots closer to my destination? The garage will remain empty until there is a NEED for the garage.

  5. There was never a need for a garage at any time.

  6. They should’ve just repaint the whole lot reconstructed and it would’ve been fine. Has anyone seen the parking lot on Walnut Street in Franklin what a disaster what a mess. So embarrassing looking.That lot needs to be reconstructed, Walnut Street between Franklin and Ridgewood Avenue needs to be repaved. Oak Street between Franklin Avenue and Ridgewood Avenue needs to be repaved. What the hell is going on the roads are falling apart, come on who is in charge, is anybody at the wheel.

  7. The Hudson Street garage is a sham

    It never served a purpose other than someone’s greed.
    Although I hear it’s great for hanging out and skateboarding.

    How did it ever get approved?

    What next?!

  8. “What the hell is going on the roads are falling apart”

    Pave them and make them smooth? Are you nuts? What if there was total power failure?

    How would you know when you drove past the line into Ridgewood?

  9. Try to sub rent it out, it could be good for Carvana .

  10. >>Try to sub rent it out, it could be good for Carvana .<<

    Carvana is a bit more honest.

  11. Well that’s true. There’s got to be something they can do with that garage. My God remember back when they spent $13 million in Village Hall and people are crying. And then they need another 300,000 for the windows what a joke. And to top that the train station $25 million and they never replace the windows in that building they covered them up with plexiglass, you can’t make this shit up

  12. There is absolutely a need for the garage. And, as a resident who voted for it and who knows PLENTY of others who support it as well, the statement that majority of people didn’t want it couldn’t be less accurate. There are no cars in the garage right now because it is summer and most people are traveling. Added to that is the reality that we’re in the middle of a PANDEMIC and tons of people who would otherwise come to Ridgewood are not shopping here right now, as they are buying everything online -like everyone else in the country at the moment. And then there’s the fact that way too many shops on E. Ridgewood Ave. are vacant right now, which makes the town a less appealing place to shop right now as well.

  13. Rename it Aronsohn’s Folly.

  14. The garage NEVER made financial sense. COVID has made it worse, but it was always destined to be a big loser. That’s why the Walker Report talked about a “parking system” which is code for raising prices everywhere to pay for the garage.

    I know it’s Monday morning, but they should have enforced continuous parking by store owners and employees first.

  15. As a resident. I refuse to pay to park in Ridgewood.

  16. “As a resident. I refuse to pay to park in Ridgewood.”

    Ahhh, yes. “Socialism for me, but not for thee.”

  17. Can that site be turned into a mix use building of some sort.

  18. I don’t know how many spots the garage holds, but around 4pm on a Tuesday there were 226 spots available……..

  19. How about food truck festival on Weekends?

  20. Hmmm. I smell new pickle ball courts.

  21. Try this experiment. Do not charge for parking for the next three months to Entice people to use it. Nothing to lose since it’s not currently generating any income.
    If that doesn’t stimulate usage, it’s good indication that it won’t every be successfull. In that case, it’s time to think about how to use a portion of that building for commercial use to generate some income.

  22. Glad to see a sign informing out of towners where the garage is! Good job.

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