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Ridgewood Crew Makes Great Progress as Regatta Season Approaches

Cameron McDonough and Skylar Kliesch Finishing First in the Girls JV 2x Flight 2

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Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood Crew had the whole team on the Schuykill River for the 2022 Fifth Manny Flick / Horvat Series of rowing races on Sunday, April 24. The weather was beautiful for the 79 races rowed by 74 teams.  

According to Ridgewood Crew Head Coach Boris Roque Alvarez, “Conditions were very good! We are still working with different line ups in order to find fast combinations…this is hard on the kids, but they understand the fact that this is a competitive sport.”

Olivia Kim and Anna Mevissen Finishing First in the Girls JV 2x Flight 1

Ridgewood Crew Results included…

First Place: Boys JV 1x Flight 1 F.Kamel 05:36.28

First Place: Boys JV 4x Flight 1 A.Jones, T.Clark, N.Harris, S.Boogaert 4:40.84

First Place: Boys Ltwt 4x Flight M.Lyakerman, C.Sullivan, H.Rivera, J.Papin 05:03.78

First Place: Boys Varsity 2x Flight 2 I.Darby, W.Conde 05:13.10

First Place: Girls JV 1x Flight 2 S.Ali 06:26.63 

First Place: Girls JV 2x Flight 1 O.Kim, A.Mevissen 05:48.61

First Place: Girls JV 2x Flight 2 S.Kliesch, C.McDonough 05:50.24

First Place: Girls Varsity 1x Flight 1 L.Riedel 05:39.11

Llian Riedel Finishing First in the Girls Varsity 1x

Boys JV 4x finishing first in Flight 1 Angus Jones, Sam Boogaert, Nate Harris and Thomas Clark

Second Place: Boys Novice 4x Flight 2 D.Kelly, J.Cavagnuolo, A.Mundhe, M.Nguyen-Van-Duong 05:46.47

Second Place: Boys Freshman 4x Flight 2 A.Dezelan, G.Tejwaney, N.Melarti, A.Mannina 05:14.05

Second Place: Girls JV 1x Flight 1 K.Hoffman 06:27.79

Second Place: Girls JV 1x Flight 2 A.Harrington 06:46.14

Third Place: Boys Ltwt 2x Flight 2 M.Aguilar, M.Kirchhoff-Lajonchere 05:35.16

Third Place: Girls Novice 4x Flight 2 J.Smith, A.Friedrich, E.Friedrich, C.Byun 04:37.94

Third Place: Girls Varsity 1x Flight 1 E.Carroll 06:14.38

Fourth Place: Boys Freshman 4x Flight 1 L.Evers, W.Carroll, R.O’Connor, J.Aguilar

Fourth Place: Girls JV 2x Flight 1 G.Bridges, C.Ignoffo 6:18.57

Fifth Place: Boys JV 2x Flight H.Hersperger, M.Manevich 05:28.40

Siobhan Ali Finishing First in the Girls JV 1x Flight 2

Ridgewood Crew not only introduces participants to basic and advanced rowing techniques, but also instills and promotes character values including discipline, focus, teamwork and sportsmanship.  Ridgewood Crew rowers are challenged individually and as a team. The philosophy of Ridgewood Crew is to elevate each athlete to the status of MVP. By doing so, we believe that a team of young leaders emerges. These leaders not only make fast boats, but also significant contributions toward their individual pursuits. Founded in 2004, the team rows on the Passaic River in northern NJ and competes in the sport’s premier regattas held throughout the Northeast.

In the program’s short history, our youth, board and parent volunteers have moved Ridgewood Crew forward by leaps and bounds. That success is represented by the widespread individual and team achievements of each of the student-athletes on the roster. To facilitate that success, Ridgewood Crew continues to make investments in coaching and new equipment. The coaching staff is one of the most experienced in program history.

Ridgewood Crew athletes compete in the Philly Flicks on the Schuylkill River as well as at the highly competitive SRAA Nationals, Stotesbury Cup Regatta, Philadelphia City Championships, Passaic River Northern NJ Championships and Garden State Championships. Additionally, the team’s overall performance continues to attract interest from top rowing colleges and universities including: Bucknell, Boston College, Boston University, Columbia University, Drexel, Duke, Fairfield, Fordham, George Mason, Georgetown, Harvard, Holy Cross, Lehigh, Marist, Northeastern, Notre Dame, Purdue, Syracuse, Trinity College, University of Delaware, University of North Carolina, University of Wisconsin, Villa Nova, Williams, and others. 

Ridgewood Crew offers several ways for you to experience our mission:  join the team, volunteer or donate. Student athlete programs being with Learn-To-Row for middle schoolers. 

For more information contact Ridgewood Crew at


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  1. Congrats rowers and coaches! Terrific results for all!!

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