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Ridgewood debate at Hudson Street lot was ‘past versus parking’


Photo courtesy of the Ridgewood Library

Ridgewood debate at Hudson Street lot was ‘past versus parking’

December 29, 2014    Last updated: Monday, December 29, 2014, 11:52 AM
By Laura Herzog
Staff Writer |
The Ridgewood New

A historic village building on Hudson Street was demolished in 1993 in exchange for more parking, and to make way for a parking garage. More than 20 years later, the village is still investigating a garage in the crumbling Hudson Street parking lot.

The former 83-year-old building, which served as a firehouse back when Ridgewood used horse-drawn pumpers, came back into the news recently as the result of plans to preserve a priceless sculpture, which was set aside before the structure was demolished. An adjoining municipal building was demolished as well.

Revisiting this history, a question emerged: Given Ridgewood residents’ ever-expanding parking concerns, are several more parking spots, but no parking garage, still worth it, in exchange for 80-plus years of history?

5 thoughts on “Ridgewood debate at Hudson Street lot was ‘past versus parking’

  1. It doesn’t matter. My family will be gone as soon as I get then through the schools.


    It doesn’t matter I will be gone as soon as my political career takes off.

  2. Ideal location for a parking garage move on and build it already.

    1. write a check , and I am sure it will get done

  3. “Crickets” James

    1. because no one is willing to write a check …get it ?

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