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Ridgewood firefighters cook up camaraderie


file photo of Ridgewood Fire department in action Boyd Loving

Ridgewood firefighters cook up camaraderie

AUGUST 19, 2014    LAST UPDATED: TUESDAY, AUGUST 19, 2014, 10:43 AM

Firefighters are notoriously resistant to change, according to Ridgewood Fire Capt. Christopher DuFlocq.

He gives a few historical anecdotes to back up that claim: “The horses don’t know where they’re going,” the men protested when animals were brought in to replace carrying gear on foot.

It was another battle when automobiles took over. “We can depend on the horses to start up every time,” they balked.

Now younger generations of firefighters are attempting to cross another frontier of doubt with the older crowd: healthier food for dinner. Yet somewhat surprisingly, most say the shift is easier to swallow.

“I eat dinner here that I normally wouldn’t eat at home,” admits DuFlocq, a 28-year career firefighter. “They’re always trying something new and most of the time I like it.”

He gives examples, “turkey burgers, different kinds of rice…”

From the kitchen of the East Glen Avenue firehouse, Firefighter Tom Shortway rolls his eyes. They can’t tell the difference, he insists, on whether beef or the lower-fat turkey goes into the meatloaf that he makes.

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2 thoughts on “Ridgewood firefighters cook up camaraderie

  1. and who pay’s for the food.

  2. The firefighters pay for the food.

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