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Ridgewood High School Has A New Principal


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Ridgewood NJ, after an interesting week for Ridgewood Schools, in a short note Superintendent Thomas A Gorman Ed.D  said that Jeff Nyhuis has agreed to to takes the position of the next Principal of Ridgewood High School effective July 1st 2021 .

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10 thoughts on “Ridgewood High School Has A New Principal

  1. Congrats to Jeff !

  2. Good lord! This is the guy who on a recent HSA meeting suggested students need not take the ACT or SAT because colleges are test optional. So good luck differentiating in a sea of 100k applications at a given university.

  3. You clearly know nothing about the college admissions process. The ACT and SAT will be gone within 5 years. The kids don’t need the stress of those tests, and colleges aren’t using them to differentiate students anyway.

  4. Actually we are class of 2022 and in the college process now.

    So since I know nothing lets starts w Georgetown.

    ACT or SAT are REQUIRED for the class of 2022 or those applying in the fall…..and Georgetown does not super score. Georgetown requires all test scores to be submitted including ACT, SAT and AP scores. Good luck!

  5. Rankings have fallen under his watch. Good luck with your property prices.

  6. The College Board isn’t going to just shut down. SAT and ACT will be around in some form forever.
    Its reasonable to expect that they will be “optional” everywhere…but the kids that score well will continue to report them, giving them an advantage.
    Sure, if you don’t want YOUR kids to take it, they won’t be forced…anything you want to do to make your kids less competitive than mine is ok by me.

  7. Oliver, you are correct. Every college coach we have talked to for our son strongly recommended taking SAT, except our lovely Jeff.
    This is going to be a disappointment for Ridgewood High School.

  8. Look at the stats…

    Colleges (especially desirable colleges) that are SAT optional are showing the following stats:

    1) Kids who never thought they would get into the school are applying ,thereby geometrically increasing the number of applicants applying to the school making it more competitive to get in

    2) Students who apply WITH SAT scores are over 65% more likely to get accepted as opposed to the under 25% acceptance rate for those applying without WITHOUT SAT scores

    3) Colleges have stated that this allows them to more easily meet their DIVERSITY quotas.
    (This is due to the fact that they can more easily admit unqualified students since they do not have to explain away their sub-standard SAT scores)

    Any principal of a school like Ridgewood who DOES NOT strongly recommend taking the SATs is NOT serving their students.

    “No SAT” is primarily being used by colleges to meet diversity goals and admit otherwise unqualified students (and also allowing a FEW qualified students who test poorly to also get accepted)

    “No SAT” IS NOT being used to help Ridgewood kids get into colleges.
    IN FACT, NO SAT is making it HARDER for Ridgewood kids to get in since it effectively removes more slots (set aside for “diversity candidates”) making the fewer remaining “competitive slots” harder to fill.

    SO… Ridgewood students should ABSOLUTELY take the SATs, NOW more than ever !

  9. Completely irresponsible for the Director of Guidance to suggest it’s not necessary to take the SAT or ACT

  10. needs to take presentation training…u know?

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