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Ridgewood High School – Team I.C.E. Takes First Place in the STEAM Tank Challenge

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New Jersey School Boards Association is proud to announce this year’s virtual STEAM Tank Challenge top finishing teams

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Ridgewood NJ, this year, 112 STEAM Tank teams made it to the virtual STEAM Tank final presentations held in May. Over 1,500 students pitched their creative and innovative ideas and solutions to judges who volunteered their time and provided critical feedback to help teams along their STEAM Tank journey.

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“NJSBA was pleased to see so many students participate in our virtual STEAM Tank Challenge, as well as the ingenuity of the top finishers,” said Dr. Timothy Purnell, executive director of NJSBA. “It was exciting to see how the challenge inspired so many students throughout New Jersey to learn how to apply science, technology, engineering, arts and math to help solve problems.”

Below are the STEAM Tank finals division winners.

Elementary School Division:

  • First place: Oak Valley Elementary School – Team Hope for Kids.
  • Second place (tie): Ocean Elementary School – Team RELAX.
  • Second place (tie): Frank Defino Elementary School – Team CO2.
  • Third place (tie): Woodbridge Gifted and Talented Program – Team Sick or Safe.
  • Third place (tie): Frog Pond Elementary – Team Slide In and Out Backpack.

Middle School Division:

  • First place: Hoboken Middle School – Team Style Green Boutique.
  • Second place: Oak Valley Elementary School (Middle) – Team Retractable Wheelchair Ramp.
  • Third place (tie): Northfield Community School – Team Life Link.
  • Third place (tie): Haddonfield Middle School – Team Inclusive Menstruation.

High School Division:

  • First place: Ridgewood High School – Team I.C.E.
  • Second place: Manasquan High School- Team Scorpion Snowboarding.
  • Third place: Hawthorne High School – Team Chromebook Plektros.

Kudos to the Judges and the PSEG Foundation

STEAM Tank judges are the backbone of the STEAM Tank program. They include volunteers from business and industry, entrepreneurs, U.S. Army engineers, university staff and leaders, teachers and staff from education-focused nonprofit groups. Their efforts support students learning about STEM and STEAM, including career pathways that they can pursue as adults.

The judges, however, also benefit from being involved in the competition.

For instance, STEAM Tank judge Stacy Greenberg, an interior designer and an associate member of AIA South Jersey, said she is “always left feeling inspired and hopeful” every time she judges a STEAM Tank presentation. “I’m honored to be able to contribute to this very worthwhile program, which allows New Jersey public school students the opportunity to shine,” she said. “It is clear the support that comes from their teachers, administration, and school boards is immeasurable.”

The NJSBA also extends its appreciation to the PSEG Foundation for sponsoring awards for the top-winning teams. The foundation provided $15,000 through a generous grant in collaboration with the National Wildlife Federation and New Jersey Audubon.

The Association also extends a special note of thanks to Capt. Andrew Becker from the U.S. Army, who has served in the role of NJSBA’s STEAM Tank fellow for the past 1.5 years. As a mentor, he provided valuable feedback to help the STEAM Tank teams along their journey. NJSBA and the STEAM Tank community would like to wish him all the best in his future endeavors .

Please follow the Steam Tank page on Facebook  for important announcements and events, or email Jennifer Siehl, manager of STEAM Tank, if you would like to start a STEAM Tank program in your school or district.

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