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Ridgewood officials must decide: Who will police Heermance Place?


Ridgewood officials must decide: Who will police Heermance Place?
Monday September 16, 2013, 1:21 PM
The Ridgewood News

Street maintenance and other Village of Ridgewood employees were advised by their supervisors this week to avoid work along Heermance Place, which was recently determined to be private property belonging to the Board of Education (BOE). Orders are considered effective until the village and school district reach a consensus regarding future upkeep and rules enforcement along the roadway.

Surveys and a full title search recently revealed that the BOE owns most of Heermance Place, the thoroughfare passing between the high school and Stadium Field. The portion of Heermance that fronts two residential homes is owned by the Village of Ridgewood.

The BOE subsequently converted the 23 parking spaces along the road from first come, first serve to faculty-only spots.

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9 thoughts on “Ridgewood officials must decide: Who will police Heermance Place?

  1. Issuing a ticket is a complicated process….. can they handle it?

  2. Hey Dom who’s they ? They can’t even agree on who owns the property , so who the hell does issue an f’in ticket, if the boe owns the property they have to sign the complaint if the village owns the prop the cop’s can do it, ever since the mid 90’s it was stated that the town owned the property, and there were lots of tix issued by the cops, now all of a sudden it’s boe property, then what about all the tix that were issued improperly.

  3. My comment tongue in cheek “issuing a ticket is a complicated process”
    I was thinking of a former “Commissioner” who was so wrapped up with his personal power, carried around a book of tickets and when he saw an illegal auto violation, ‘issued a ticket’.

    Where he felt is authority came from I’m still not sure. I never found out if had to make a personal court appearance. If so, was he paid any over time?

  4. It is a moot point if in fact the BOE owns the property and it looks like they do but has anyone else noted how many of those spots are empty every single day? I counted 12 empty spots the first day of school and six or seven today. Again, the BOE owns them so they can do what they want but taking away parking spaces from students, parents and visitors and have them sitting there empty is not going to help improve their low standing in the minds of taxpayers.

  5. Dom are you referring to commissioner “Reinauer” your the only one I know old enough to remember him.

  6. Totally agree with #4

  7. Hey #5, I’m surprised I remember anything but I keep trying.

    Added note: Anyone have the time to review past commissioners backgrounds and share them with us?

  8. I also agree with #4. Noted similar observations myself. Spaces sitting empty just so the super can have his way.

  9. so who is going to keep it clean, salt it, plow it, fill pot holes, repavee the road when it needs to be done, what about the man holes and rain drain.s who is going to clean and repair them when it need,s service.hummmmmmm. who comes up with this shit.

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