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Ridgewood Police : Here are some tips to help you identify online scams


Ridgewood Police : Here are some tips to help you identify online scams 

Protect yourself by reading up on some of the latest and most prevalent scams. If something sounds “off” to you, chances are it’s a scam. By educating yourself, you can learn how to spot a scam, whether it is a soliciting email, a false transaction alert from an auction site, or a work-from-home offer. Empower yourself to know the difference between legitimate online opportunities and cybercrime scams. Below are some very common cybercrime scams:

It’s most likely a scam if…

1. You receive an email stating you won or are inheriting money.

2. It looks or sounds too good to be true.

3. You are asked to wire money instead of sending a check or using an online payment method.

4. The person you are dealing with is out of the country.

5. You are purchasing a vehicle or any other item, and the seller claims to be in a different location than the vehicle.

6. An individual wants to send you a check for more than what you’re asking for an item and requests that you cash the check and wire the extra money back.7.You can work from home and only have to cash checks or “reship” items.

8. You receive an email from your bank asking for any login info, bank account info, or personal info.

9. An offer is unsolicited.

If you ever have any suspicions or questions regarding online transactions, please call your local law enforcement agency to discuss the possibility of the situation being an Internet scam.

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