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>Ridgewood School Budget : "No" means "no. Period

>I hope the Village Council will respect the voice of the voters and cut the Education budget. I just read an article in The Ridgewood News and it sounds like they are considering leaving the budget as is. What’s the point of voting? They need to cut the budget, and I don’t mean a token 1/10th of one percent like Jane Reilly either.

There are still cuts that can be made to administration staff and salaries that don’t directly affect students or teachers…..starting with the Office of Curriculum which is seriously overstaffed and undereffective. In my opinion the BOE has done a terrible job over the past 10 years. The Superintendent’s position has been a revolving door for many, many years. My child effectively went through 4 years of high school with no leadership in this critical position.

The BOE contracted and paid for consultants to advise them in this search, another waste of money. Their failure to negotiate with the teacher’s union (unlike Glen Rock and Wyckoff) is a disgrace. They are amateurs. The BOE representatives who have been serving for 15+ years are doing no service to the community and I would love to see term limits imposed. Some people get in, they never leave, and incumbents historically never lose, no matter what.

The community has spoken. They are sick of wasteful spending and weak decisions. If the Village Council does not respect this vote then I’m not even bothering to vote in Ridgewood ever again. It’s not for them to “interpret” the meaning of the vote. “No” means “no. Period.

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