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Ridgewood School District promotes wellness


Tradition of Excellence ?

Ridgewood School District promotes wellness

Editors Note : better balance or encouraging laziness and failure  or maybe schools should focus on more substantive learning instead of all this PC gobble-gong ?

Monday February 25, 2013, 2:06 PM
The Ridgewood News

Reel Link Films, the organization behind the 2009 documentary “Race to Nowhere: The Dark Side of America’s Achievement Culture,” has featured Ridgewood High School (RHS) in documentary spots, commending its recent initiatives for student wellness. Highlighted are its homework-free school breaks and occasional “sleep-in days,” which began last June.

“It’s happening in Ridgewood, New Jersey,” said filmmaker Vicki Abeles in an email sent to supporters this January.

In an online sample letter advocating homework-free breaks, which the Race to Nowhere team encourages individuals to send to their district representatives, the team calls Ridgewood a “success story.”

But, all this begs the questions, have RHS’ breaks and later school start times been a success?

Based on the responses of some administrators and parents, some of whom may have seen their children do schoolwork during February break this past week, the answer seems to be that there have been positive changes, but some issues have stayed at the status quo.

3 thoughts on “Ridgewood School District promotes wellness

  1. Anything to get out of teaching Math.

  2. Race to nowhere should focus on hs sports. I know of several middle school parents who have personal trainers for their children in addition to year round training. The competition is crazy. There are families with elementary school children who drag them to lax clinics/games before 7 on the weekends. Save your money and your time. Let the kids grow up carefree.

    Even if they get some money in college it won’t compensate for the hours that they need to put in to the sport while in college. The scholarships are usually small, just enough to feed the egos of the parents. One day they will realize that they have been used and that they can’t reclaim the lost youth of their kids.

  3. LAX is no longer a guaranteed scholarship…

    Time to find a new angle.

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