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Ridgewood Schools : Alternative Schedules Initiative Community Survey Launch

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Ridgewood NJ, getting a pulse on the community’s interest in and support for K-12 alternative schedules is a critical element of this important initiative, and to gather feedback from stakeholders, K12 Insight, a leading customer engagement solution for schools, will be distributing parent/community, student, and staff surveys in the next week or so. Surveys will be emailed directly to parents, 6-12 students, and staff members. For community members, a link to the survey will be published on the homepage of the website under District News, and the link will be emailed to our RPS eNews mailing list.

4 thoughts on “Ridgewood Schools : Alternative Schedules Initiative Community Survey Launch

  1. Another idiotic solution to a nonexistent problem to avoid addressing the real problem of not teaching solid, pure academics.

  2. Change nothing on the basis of this classic piece of junk science.

  3. Waste of time and money.

  4. Overrated school system

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