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Ridgewood Schools : Anyone who is not Vaccinated will be Tested Weekly

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, according to the Ridgewood School District approximately 60% of faculty, staff, and parents responded to a Voluntary Anonymous Vaccination Survey.

Of those who responded:

98% of the faculty and staff are fully vaccinated

98% of Ridgewood High School students are fully vaccinated

67% of Benjamin Franklin Middle School students are fully vaccinated

69% of George Washington Middle School students are fully vaccinated

80% of the 6th-grade students who are younger than 12 will get vaccinated once eligible

Although we did not have a 100% response rate, the District will have accurate vaccination data for all faculty and staff by October 18, 2021 to meet the requirements of Executive Order 253. Anyone who is not vaccinated will be tested weekly as per this mandate. The District is currently in the process of coordinating on-site COVID-19 testing with an outside vendor for both staff members and students and hopes to have more information next week.

5 thoughts on “Ridgewood Schools : Anyone who is not Vaccinated will be Tested Weekly

  1. At their own expense, not the district’s

  2. Don’t think so. If the district wants me to be tested I’m going on their time ,not my time. You show me where it’s in my contract that I have to go on my time . And I have to pay for. What are they gonna try to come up with some new law, or new rule, that’s going to be negotiated on.

  3. Slush fund money from Sleepy Joe. Don’t worry about paying for anything, your grandchildren will pick up the tab, with interest.

  4. The data says kids have a much greater chance of dying of the flu – substantially greater – than of Covid. The chances my kids in grade school get jabbed is zero point zero percent. Total deaths of kids under 12 – less than 300.

  5. I hear that all administrators and school nurses will be issued new shirts that are brown in color.

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