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Ridgewood Schools : Pandemic related learning loss

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(Charts are sourced from McKinsey that analyzed Curriculum Associates’ i-Ready in-school assessment results of more than 1.6 million elementary school students across more than 40 states.)

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, School Board member HyunJu Kwak posted some interesting information on the learning loss suffered by students during the pandemic . This is exactly what school board members should be focused  on, not trying to figure out how to get teachers more perks and days off .

Over the years the Ridgewood School system has devoted far too much time and energy toward self aggrandizement  by administrators and teachers and far too little attention devoted to actual learning .Last summer’s marches in the central business district focused a spotlight on the lack of critical thinking skills by so many young people .

Current board member and candidate Kwak focus on addressing the Pandemic related learning loss needs to be a key focus of the district and is very welcome and a reminder that education is about student learning , not teachers contracts and fawning over pet spending initiatives .

Commenting on Facebook Ms. Kwak said , “We need to assess the gap, strategize, and implement solutions. We need to ensure funds are preserved for this critical purpose.”

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23 thoughts on “Ridgewood Schools : Pandemic related learning loss

  1. Interesting! If our BOE was so focused on learning loss, how come we were one of the last districts to offer in person learning and never offered full day in-person? Our district doesn’t even use I-ready and has never had an assessment tool like this in place. Just recently they purchased Link-It which has terrible reviews. Parents won’t even see the results of this auto score test until November which makes no sense None of the incumbents should be touching the disaster that they overlooked last year as they scheduled more sessions to go after ITDC than focus on our students who were struggling academically and emotionally. The only candidate who showed up for our students last year is Susan Madison.

  2. We have no good choices except Hyun Ju Kwak.
    Susan Madison is good but she is an anti-masker.
    Chris Kaufam has been a big disappointment for the last 3 years. Never goes prepared for the meeting and likes to grandstand.
    Mahmood never attended a single meeting as an audience except to demand religious holidays.
    Sheila is part of the administration. She is there for a ceremonial role only.

  3. Is the blog going to rescind its 2018 endorsement of Cris Kaufman?

    He has been a big disappointment on the board.

    Like Sheila, he has become part of the administration and rubber stamp team. Doesn’t go prepared to the board meetings. Doesn’t contribute to any discussion and treats every meeting as a wrestling match. Don’t forget he tried to get a coach fired for his own benefit.

    I think blog should rescind it’s prior endorsement of Kaufman.

  4. Again, The administration knows they can do what they want and get away with it! Most residents are walking around with their heads in the clouds and have no idea what’s going on they just assume because they live in Ridgewood they live in the best town their kids are getting the best education blah blah blah! I’ve got news for you those days are long gone! As long as the teachers union is happy that’s all that matters!

  5. Where has it been posted or written that Susan Madison is anti-mask? I be never seen anything pointing toward that.

  6. Ha Ha
    Blame COVID for RW’s learning loss.
    Makes a great cover to hide the destructive implementation of the woke agenda by the RW BOE.

  7. Hi – this is Susan Madison. For all to know, the Governor has mandated masks in school. Therefore, I am not sure why this is an issue in the current BoE election. If elected to the BoE, my role is to support the administration in its efforts to be fully compliant with all state requirements.

    On the issue of learning loss, I agree with Ms. Kwak that this is a primary concern facing our students and teachers this year. As a parent and prospective BoE member, I will not be satisfied with another study or presentation to the board confirming what we all know is true. It is time act.

  8. Good
    Madison gets my vote. Liberal fear mongers. Take the masks off.

  9. Susan Madison has publicly fought against masks in schools . It is all over her social media. Notice in her post above, she does t deny it. It is very clear she is anti-mask in school and 100% in classroom.with no masks.

    1. Masks are a state mandate this is irrevelant

  10. Last year during the pandemic, Susan was proactive in advocating for our RPS students to return to in-person learning. At the time, our current BOE admitted to “dropping the ball” on this issue [even though many other districts of Ridgewood’s caliber had already returned to full-time, in-person instruction]. This was an issue that deeply and adversely impacted students, parents, and homeowners in the district. Susan stepped up, took hours of her own personal time, and never backed down in her pursuit of change that would support academic excellence and the mental health of our students. Her long-standing dedication to attending BOE meetings especially during the pandemic, her action-based public comments during meetings, Facebook posts, and emails to BOE members and RPS administration were successful in achieving changes in policy.

    Susan has had children continuously in the district since 2004. Her oldest graduated in 2017 and her youngest is currently in high school. She knows the RPS educational experience at each grade and building level and with a recent college graduate, the outcome. If elected, Susan brings the RPS involved parent perspective to our BOE; a perspective, which at times, seems to be either lacking or ignored.

    Susan’s interest in politics is not new! Susan graduated Georgetown University as a Government major and has an M.A. in International Relations from Boston University.

    Professionally, Susan has worked on Wall Street for 30 years. Her current role as co-head of High Yield Research has largely focused on regulated industries and requires a strong understanding of public policy and governmental regulations. If elected, Susan will bring this experience to our BOE.
    Her relentless pursuit of a proactive and communicative approach with the BOE and RPS administration while involving and the parents of Ridgewood speaks volumes about the dedication and passion she has for the Ridgewood “tradition of excellence” and for the academic and mental health wellbeing of our RPS students.

    Please know a vote for Susan is a vote for our students!

  11. It’s not irrelevant. If the state removes the mandate and kicks it back at the local school boards, it becomes entirely relevant and critical.

    With that said, Susan Madison has my vote regardless of where she stands on masks
    because Kaufman and Mamood are just dead weight. So there really isn’t any choice by Kwak, Madison and Brogan.

    1. not if you use real science , not the “murphy science”

  12. When will everybody focus on the fact that Ridgewood schools have been declining before Covid even hit. Covid is here to stay no matter how hard you try to wish it away not even the fairytale land of Ridgewood can be Covid free! Blaming Covid for the lack of education and the declining statistics in our schools is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard. It’s just another cover-up! From the quarter thief not getting any jail time to the new parking garage that will be soon torn down at the taxpayers expense! Please tell us the real reason!

  13. I will vote for Kwak and Madison only. Brogan is a spender. Better to only vote for two.

  14. Susan Madison on FB: “Unfortunately in the legislation passed ending the the emergency order – Murphy retained the right to impose mask mandates. If you don’t agree you should consider that when you vote for your state reps this fall.”

  15. Madison and Kwak are the only good choices.
    Brogan is a spender and union rep.
    Kaufman was a bad choice three years ago and is still a bad choice. Go watch the debate between Kaufman and Loncto.
    Mamoofd is only interested in religious holidays.

  16. You are all so well schooled that you can’t figure out that a mask mandate from the governor is not law and should not be followed. It is null and void. “Assessment” is a red herring. Children being sent to Marxist indoctrination centers in muzzles are being destroyed, spiritually , physically and intellectually.

  17. “Drop the ball” comment was made by Kaufman who seems woefully unprepared at all times, and stalls the meetings on random issues like getting fees fully paid for the hockey team. He acts and thinks like an impulsive, confused, lazy adolescent. Check him out in action.
    Kaufman’s running mate has not shown up or spoken at meetings since he lost the last election in which he asked HS students to vote for him, and tell them to tell their parents to vote for him. Par for the course since when he was first appointed, he missed that meeting also. Can’t say he “cares” and only show up when he wants something for himself (like adding a holiday to the school calendar).

  18. So, your going to believe stats on a chart generated
    By McKinsey?
    You are Rich AND STUPID.

  19. Brogan is the worst.
    she has done more damage to RW education that all other BOE members combined.
    All the while doing it under the cover of the great RW education savior.
    Quite a disgrace, but kudos to her for being able to pull it off.

  20. What the hell is this comment
    Above mean

    to the new parking garage that will be soon torn down at the taxpayers expense! Please tell us the real reason!

  21. HyunJu Kwak is a big YES vote!

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