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Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital : URINALYSIS: An Essential Piece of the Health Puzzle


Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital : URINALYSIS: An Essential Piece of the Health Puzzle

Urine evaluation is a noninvasive, inexpensive, easy collection test. The veterinarians at Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital recommend submitting a urine sample for laboratory analysis for all dogs and cats every 6 months. Urine gives us a window into the kidney function, sugar regulation (diabetes), developing bladder crystals and stones, urinary tract infection, bladder tumors, metabolic/hormonal diseases (thyroid/adrenal), and protein losing diseases such as Lyme Disease and hypertension, which may not be apparent in the early stages when doctors can help the most. Wellness is aimed at prevention of disease and early detection.

During the months of July and August, with the help of our laboratory, we are able to discount the urinalysis service by 28%. Call a Client Care Representative today at 201-447-6000 to ask about this discounted service and how to best collect a urine sample. You can also ask about our pre-paid urinalysis kits. After the sample is collected, we send it to the laboratory, and then the doctor will review the laboratory results to formulate a health plan for your pet’s individual needs.

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