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>Ridgewood Village Council candidates share some conversation with seniors

>Ridgewood Village Council candidates share some conversation with seniors

MONDAY APRIL 16, 2012, 3:22 PM

During a lively and interactive forum with members of the senior citizen community, the candidates for Village Council addressed several key issues impacting all Ridgewood residents. The Candidates Coffee event, held last week at the Ridgecrest Apartments, marked the first time that all six council hopefuls discussed election topics as a group.

Of the six candidates, three will be selected by registered voters on May 8 to serve four-year terms on Ridgewood’s governing body. The pool of candidates includes two incumbents, two Planning Board members, and two village watchdogs.

The candidates – Paul Aronsohn, Russell Forenza, Gwenn Hauck, Keith Killion, Albert Pucciarelli and Mary Jane Shinozuka – answered questions offered to them by moderator Irma Leeds, a member of the League of Women Voters. They provided the audience of approximately 30 seniors with their viewpoints on the council’s role in modernizing The Valley Hospital and the responsibility of reducing municipal expenses while protecting services. An additional question, raised by members of the public, requested ideas on how to improve the central business district (CBD) and keep businesses from moving out of the downtown area.

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