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Ridgewood Village Council “Jumps the Shark”

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FYI: The idiom “jumping the shark” or “jump the shark” is a pejorative that is used to argue that a creative work or entity has reached a point in which it has exhausted its core intent and is introducing new ideas that are discordant with, or an over-exaggeration of, its original purpose . 

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Village Council clearly jumped the shark at the Wednesday night council meeting, The reality is council members Winograd and Weitz vowed 9 months ago that they were all for implementing the 2017 plan.

Councilmembers Vagianos, Winograd, Weitz deleted the 2017 agreement and resolution on Schedler and voted for their own plan.

Councilmember Winograd the tree candidate and now she’s all in for cutting close to 200 trees. Her response? These are not the “right” kinda trees. That’s actually how she runs her Ridgewood Moms and Dads without free speech page.

The original plan was approved by the New Jersey’s Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), in which the Village accepted grant money .New Jersey’s Historic Preservation Office, located within the Department of Environmental Protection, brings expertise in a variety of fields essential to preserving historic resources.

They count among their staff historians, researchers, planners, architectural historians, architects, engineers, & archaeologists. They respond to more than 40,000 calls yearly from people working to preserve, protect and promote New Jersey’s historic resources.

The new plan now goes back to SHPO for approval. It will most likely go to the courts given the turf’s risk to water wells (forever chemicals)in your drinking water.

Councilman Weitz suggested that the Village has the right to do anything they want with their property without State involvement. He is an attorney. He should know better. Is he really suggesting that we’re going to sue the State of New Jersey?

The county wants nothing to do with the project. The Village of Ridgewood already received notification from the County of Bergen that the Villages’ application for grant funds to purchase 510 West Saddle River Road  was been denied .

And to top it off the same council members who attacked the previous mayor of over transparency and open communication voted to limit public participation and appeared to promote bullying during the council meeting.


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29 thoughts on “Ridgewood Village Council “Jumps the Shark”

  1. Paul, Albert and Gwen got away with this.

    Evan, Paul and Shioban will get away too.

    We know the reason for Paul A’s madness in retrospect. Who’s providing similar benefits to Paul V to do a 180 on his liberal and progressive policies? Let me guess, Gwen V2?

  2. We don’t care…
    We are

  3. The meeting on Wednesday was shocking on so many levels. Were people surprise that the 3 Amigos voted on the large field and turf, no way Jose. But when they talk about how they could have designed a larger field and put lights, seating, sound system and all of the other bells and whistles, I have to wonder whether all of that will come later. and putting turf near the saddle river and wells is just wrong when you know it could cause cancer. What is wrong with these people.

    1. They tried that 30+ years at Hawes. Fast Eddie slinked home that night.

  4. The meeting on Wednesday was shocking on so many levels. Were people surprised that the 3 Amigos voted on the big field and turf, no way Jose. But when they talk about how they could have designed a larger field and put lights, seating, sound system and all of the other things they wanted to install, I have to wonder whether all of that will come later. I think they went from temporary to permanent lights on 2 of the fields recently where they said earlier they would not. It is all about and only about sports in Ridgewood. Putting turf near the saddle river and well water for residents is just wrong when you know it could cause cancer. What is wrong with these people.

  5. I have not heard one person from any sports team say they are concerned about the health or safety of the residents or the people who will be playing on the turf.

    1. Not one, nor will you. Just like one resident said. The field they are fighting for is the field THEY HAVE TO HAVE! So they will not jeopardize their chances of losing out on a ripe opportunity to get what they desire.

    2. LOL and you won’t. That is not how they roll.

  6. This is by far the worst council in history, except for Loraine. Evan and Wine-O are just our Pompous Mayors Puppet’s, Pam is Pam but still on Pee Wee’s side

    1. I still think the three amigos were far worse….

  7. What would be refreshing would be to see candidates who get elected stick to the principles that got them elected…or how about having open communication and allowing other opinions to be expressed. The last time I checked we are a free country although that seems to be being challenged by many who feel their viewpoints are so important that everyone else must be shut down and if they don’t shut up…that’s what the authorities are for right? There is a lot wrong with our public discourse these days and I’m hearing a lot of that in this post.

    1. You have basically said it all in a nutshell. Thank you!

  8. Councilmembers Vagianos, Winograd, Weitz deleted the 2017 agreement and resolution on Schedler and voted for their own plan.

    1. Lying bunch of losers.

  9. Councilmembers Vagianos, Winograd, Weitz deleted the 2017 agreement that was part of the latter two individuals’ campaign promises where they were obviously lying and Paul was behind it and contributed to their campaigns (public information). The resolution was rescinded and voted on their new plan for Schedler even though Evan Weitz (complete moron) is quoted as saying that the state of NJ cannot tell them what to do!

  10. Clearly Robert Lynch, Board member with the Ridgewood Lacross Association, a special interest group, stated that there were only 700 kids that needed fields and asked why Ridgewood does not maintain their current fields as no one uses Orchard at all. This was reinforced by a resident named Alex, a father of 3, who lives on Brookside Avenue. He stated that there are thousands and thousands of kids who need fields and went on to say that there may be discrimination between boys fields and girls fields according to comments from his 7 years old daughter as to why boy’s fields are better than girl’s fields. Who knew there were discriminatory practices being applied to fields.

    1. Bullshirt…the Lax daddies want turf, they don’t want to play or practice on grass.

      1. Lax daddies sound like bigtime wankers/whiners

  11. Mayor and acolytes, please take your toys, go home, and get out of our lives. We hate you.

  12. Did the Big Guy get his 10% ?

  13. If I had to equate our VC majority to animals in the wild, it would go like this:

    VAGIANOS= Liar and schemer; the Okapi (Okapia johnstoni) is well-adapted to the environment where they live which helps them with avoiding predators. Their sharp hearing keeps them alert to approaching threats, however, they cannot hear things that they do not wish to admit too especially during VC meetings.

    WINOGRAD= Liar and Schemer. The honey badger (Mellivora capensis), the honey badger more closely resembles that of a weasel. Its strength and ferocious defensive nature make this animal a force to be reckoned with. They are fearless and attack enemies with far greater size and strength.

    WEITZ= adds no value and is just plain dumb; Mexican burrowing toad (Rhinophrynus dorsalis). This mysterious creature spends most of its time hidden underground. kind of fits since he doesn’t know what is going on most of the time.

    PERRON= stubborn and is a follower not a leader; Donkey (domestic ass belonging to the horse family) highly intelligent animal but when confronted they sit down and dig their heels in. donkeys keep their feelings hidden so it isn’t always easy to identify what they are thinking.

  14. Thousands and thousands and thousands of kids…. Lol who was that resident lol

    1. Yes, Alex over on Brookside Avenue who said that there is discrimination amongst the fields for boys which are better than fields for girls. Sounds like a tale older than time. But in our perfect hamlet? what happened to diversity and inclusion, all fields should be maintained or not at the same level regardless of the gender assigned to the field!!

  15. Wino is very defensive. Even more so now and snapped at Lorraine which was bonkers. Interesting to note that her campaign promises consisted of the small park, children’s playground and walking path, and that her husband was on the Ad-Hoc committee that worked to come up with the very small agreed upon plan. She flipped like a pancake and now they want the sports complex probably to accomodate the soccer team they are trying to start.

  16. Wino is coming unhinged just like the sports bully who tried to assault someone at the meeting. These people are so obsessed with their damn field that they cannot see straight!

  17. Rome is burning. Didn’t we tell you the village is in such a mess,

  18. And everyone except for Lorraine is sticking by the shady consultant? This will be a shocker when the majority block have aligned themselves with a charlatan.

  19. Someone said years ago, that the suits change, but the monkeys don’t. Now I understand at this point the villages in the toilet. So just flush it. Big change is coming. That’s what we are hearing.

  20. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read comments from people who are surprised by wino. Are you really so naïve? What did you really expect? She has turned out precisely like was expected. She was voted in for the pedestrian plaza. Gullibility has consequences.

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