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Ridgewood Westside shop owners fight to keep two 15 minute parking spaces

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Ridgewood NJ, Several westside store owners in the central business district of Ridgewood are urging the Village council to reconsider the proposed elimination of two 15 miniute convenience parking spaces.

The mayor and council are exploring whether to get rid of two of the four 15-minute spots on West Ridgewood Avenue by the train station to improve traffic flow near Wilsey Square. Area business owners say the spaces are convenient for customers running into stores quickly, as well as for handicapped patrons, and presented the council with a petition to save the spaces .

If the Village really wanted to improve traffic flow it would reverse the decision from several years ago ,when the Village foolishly changed the two lane road under the rail under pass to a single lane with a suicide bike lane . This created a choke point on West Ridgewood Avenue often backing traffic up into Midland Park when kids get out from school and cutting off the Westside merchants making access to shopping almost impossible.

Continuing to diminish access to the central business district will do nothing to help local merchants and made traffic congestion in the central business district a far bigger issue than parking.

In North Jersey Media a recent article mentioned that September 2018, a 54-year-old Hawthorne man was killed in a hit-and-run accident at that particular intersection trying to imply the elimination of the spaces was a safety issue . That tragic accident  had nothing to do with parking and more with the fact a driver failed to see a darkly dressed pedestrian crossing at a dark corner.

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19 thoughts on “Ridgewood Westside shop owners fight to keep two 15 minute parking spaces

  1. L
    Keep the parking spaces. People drive like idiots in this town so anything that slows them down is all to the good.

  2. please keep those – I know I use them

  3. Free parking should be allowed anywhere for 10 mins. You shouldn’t have to pay to park to grab a coffee.

  4. Nah…. we don’t need these spaces…
    We will have a convenient, safe GINORMOUS GARAGE that EVERYONE will USE.
    This GIMORMOUS GARAGE will INCREASE business sine EVERYONE will find it SO CONVENIENT to use.
    Stop all this silly complaining about a few parking spaces….

  5. Let’s try not to screw our shop keepers , especially if they sell wine.

  6. The town acts as an Ass sometimes

    I see consumers using those park grab food, medical supplies ,tailoring
    Or real estate office drops all day

    Towns not happy unless its screwing with the meters ..SOD OFF

  7. Outside of the usual stupid ginormous comments, those 2 spaces are vital for the shop owners on that corner. The council should ensure those spots are saved . And yes they do impact traffic, which is not a bad thing. And yes, they’re good fo the wine trade

  8. like Drugs and Crack



    Simple emough ?

    We pay your salaries and family Benefits …

  9. From nj news

    “It turns out, those two spots don’t really exist. They were never voted on by any previous council, certainly not by us,” Hache said.

    Law is an ass then

  10. We just added 2 dozen spaces ~50 feet away. How about we eliminate all 4 of those turn lane spaces WHICH APPEAR TO BE ILLEGALLY INSTALLED BY THE VILLAGE’S OWN ADMISSION, and make the 4 new spaces closest to the stores 15 minute meter spaces.

    Bing, bang, boom.
    Everyone wins.
    The end.

  11. Cater to park west and roots
    But don’t care about small businesses

  12. I rarely shop in town. It’s a pain in the ass to pay to park so I never go to the post office here either I go to waldwick or Hohokus or Glen Rock. The whole idea of meters chases shoppers away to the malls where it’s free. I can park for free in Glen Rock

  13. Village council members think so much of themselves -they can declare that 2 know productive parking spots used every day by citizens do not exist ..tell that to the store owners who face great challenges to hold onto their customers in a very tight corner historical commercial zone.What is wrong with you people..They pay high taxes and have to meet payrolls ..meantime the VC wastes so much money on happy crap PR STUNTS…get real and get back to work VC

  14. VC is so out of touch with business owners

  15. re

    Bing, bang, boom.

    ontop of local businesses there on that corner

    out of touch VC

  16. Calm down everyone, the council is going to keep those spaces. The council is very pro-business, as they should be.

  17. Ridgewood VC member is the de-facto photo op position for higher office for the past 10 years. Very disappointing.

  18. Outside of the usual stupid ginormous comments,
    You’ll be lovin’ the crime and higer taxes and overall ugliness of the GINORMOUS GARAGE when it is done.
    are you clueless or profiting from the garage?

  19. The council is very pro business…NOT

    IN their dreams.. as they hammer anything in their path to
    their next Gig at the public trough..Ridgewood is just their getting a hands up station to higher office at our great expense ..VC DAMAGE IS IMMENSE..LOOK AROUND Folks

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