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Ridgewood Youth Picked Up in Glen Rock after Alleged Illegal Entry

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Glen Rock NJ, according to Glen Rock Police on June 29th at 917pm, a Main Street resident contacted police after an unknown individual entered the common hallway of his apartment building. The resident believed that the individual may have also opened the unlocked door to his apartment. The resident was able to locate one of the individuals involved a short distance from his apartment and identified the subject to the responding officers. The subject, a 15-year-old Ridgewood male, was detained by officers until his mother was able to respond a short time later. The juvenile was released to the custody of his mother without incident. It could not be determined if the subject had actually entered the complainant’s apartment.

One thought on “Ridgewood Youth Picked Up in Glen Rock after Alleged Illegal Entry

  1. So I guess they don’t want “illegal” entry……………..
    Are these the same people that don’t care if people enter illegally at our country’s border?

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