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Ridgewood’s 73rd Year Dads Night


Fri, March 10, 2017 – Sat, March 11, 2017
Time: 7:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Location: Benjamin Franklin Middle School, E Glen Ave N. Van Dien Ave., Ridgewood, NJ 07450

Ridgewood NJ, Entering our 73rd year, Dads’ Night puts on an annual fundraising show for the Ridgewood Somerville/
Hawes Elementary Schools and general public. Our show is the result of a massive effort from over 280 dads
who donate their time and “talents”.

Our dads are responsible for all aspects of the production of the show, from script writing and making costumes to playing all the parts, providing all the music and of course the hilarious acting! Obviously, it has had some success because it’s been here for 73 years. But the show is just the beginning, Dads’ Night is a year-round organization that is very involved with our community from coat, turkey and blood drives to parent educational speakers and outreach programs just to mention a few.
The funds we raise are divided out between the two elementary schools funding various projects that the schools’ budget may not accommodate. We have recently installed chrome books in classrooms, outdoor community classrooms, eco-friendly water fountains and eco-center. Additionally, monies from the funds raised allow us to help support local and national charitable efforts too.
Our purpose is to give back something a little extra to our children’s learning and educational experiences by following our slogan “Family. Friends. Community.” Our children are our future and ultimately our legacy.

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  1. Wow I googled Dad’s Night Show on a whim…my dad “starred” in the show in 1962 when I was in the first grade at Somerville. 3 years later he moved his family to Central Massachusetts, but I have lasting memories of Ridgewood AND the Dads Night Show.

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