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>Ridgewood’s future, because this Native is tired of living in the past, and looking for a rebirth.

>I have overheard people saying that it’s just the new people in town, the ones that just move here, that are putting up the Cronk/Dowd signs. I’ve lived here my whole life and I am seeing friends I grew up with moving back to Ridgewood and starting families. I also see Cronk/Dowd signs on their front yards. I wish them luck. It’s nice to see some of the Natives move back to the, “WOOD,” and want to raise their children in the town they grew up in, but also nice to see that they support some fresh ideas coming to the table too.

Tom Riche, is a been there done that candidate. The Village Hall bares his name, from the last time he was in office, and your wallet bares the cost ($14,000,000). Yup that’s six zeros following two numbers. You can also add him to the blame of the central business district’s failure. He sits on the Historic Preservation Commission. This committee has stopped and slowed many businesses from opening up in town. Don’t believe me, go take a look at the corner of Broad Street and Ridgewood Ave. A new Restaurant called, “Blue Fish,” just opened up. The Historic Preservation Commission told the owner that he could only place one sign with the restaurants name on it, because it’s located on the corner. Go take a look, and while your there, turn around and look at The Stable Restaurant. You’ll notice that The Stable is located on a corner also, but they have two signs. Has this commission been fair? The new restaurants owner had to come back to them with his new design, one that clearly isn’t fair. This is just one example of how the Historic Preservation Commission has slowed down an opening. There are tons, don’t believe me, go ask any business that has recently opened up in the last five years. The owners will the tell you tales of stories about Red Tape that this Commission creates. I read in the Bergen record today that he also owns EXTEL Communications Inc. in North Haledon. This company, I believe is a vendor or has been a vendor, to the Village at one time or another, and we all know how Jersey politics and bidding seem to play out down the road. I’ll admit I voted for Tom once, but as the old saying goes. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you. This time I’m sorry to say, but I can’t, and will not not support your bid for office.

As for Bernadette Walsh, I really don’t know anything about you, besides what little bios I read in the local rags. I understand you seem to have the support of the, “Save Graydon,” peeps. Graydon has being dieing. It died with the fish kill. I was born and raised in this town and spent every summer living at the pool. I love it and it has a special place it my heart, but it’s only open for two months and it’s been losing money hand over fist. This season it’s being opened, yet Village employees are facing losing their job. It doesn’t seem right, does it? I can’t vote for you this time around based on what little knowledge I have of you. Enjoy your Summer at Graydon 🙂 Maybe next time around I’ll give you a shot.

Tuesday May 11th, can’t come soon enough. I can’t wait to vote for Ridgewood’s future, because this Native is tired of living in the past, and looking for a rebirth.

As for Doug Cronk and Brian Dowd you have promised that you will resolve some long standing issues. I’m giving you a shot, and holding you to it. If you win, I hope I’m happy with some of the results.

Good Luck to everyone, and make your vote be heard!

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