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RoboBurger launches in New Jersey

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, hungry consumers in North Jersey can now purchase “contactless burgers” that have been cooked by a robot from an automated kiosk in the Newport Centre shopping mall.

RoboBurger is an artificially intelligent, self-operating and patented kitchen designed to include all of the processes of a restaurant at a fraction of the size.

The robot is equipped with a complex, miniature kitchen consisting of a refrigeration system to keep ingredients fresh, a griddle to cook and a dishwasher system to allow the unit to self-clean, making it the first machine of its kind.

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RoboBurger is the most compact, vending machine sized kitchen a burger has been ever cooked in, bringing hot food to hungry humans anytime, anywhere.

RoboBurger enables users to order their burger on a touchscreen and pay for it using Apple Pay, Google Pay or a physical payment card.

The burger is then cooked by the “fully autonomous robotic burger chef” inside the kiosk and delivered “in about six minutes”.

“This restaurant in miniature cooks restaurant-quality freshly grilled burgers from scratch, and it will soon be heading to airports, malls, colleges, offices, factories and military bases across the country,” RoboBurger says.

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6 thoughts on “RoboBurger launches in New Jersey

  1. I wonder if there will be a move to see if these machines want to join a Union?

  2. That arm is creepy…
    Need a redesign on the graphics.

  3. I can get over there via Century Road now that the bridge has been fixed.

    Only took 3 years !

    1. You use Century Road to drive to Jersey City? How?

      1. to get to R17…work with me.

        1. Seems to me, that during those oh-so-hard 3 years, you’d find another route. Like Midland ave, or ridgewood ave, or continuing on Paramus rd past GSP….

          Eh, easier to complain on an article that has nothing to do with it, I guess.

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