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Save Historic Tom’s Diner


TOM’S DINER, ROXBURY! Tom’s Diner, circa 1937, built in Paterson, NJ is one of the oldest existing vintage Silk City Diners in the world & was featured in Cyndi Lauper’s video, “Time After Time”. 3rd generation owner, Tom Seretis, seeks to save, restore & revive this beloved local eatery that earned Runner Up for Best Diner in NJ (AOL-Cityguide) & a town Preservation Award.

It is eligible for inclusion on the National & State Register Of Historic Places & even has a mural of it painted on the high school wall. Once the eggs start flipping again this destination eatery will be an economic development magnet for the entire community.  It is threatened by a Vacant Property Ordinance which the diner cannot currently comply with. Roxbury’s Mayor & Town Council have so far balked at exempting this historic landmark from it’s threatened demolition while inflicting excessive fines on the property, including a $2,000 fine for a couch illegally dumped behind the diner. Seretis was even jailed for 5 days for being $250 short on the couch fine! Seretis has been consulting with renown vintage diner restoration expert, Steve Harwin of Diversified Diners in Cleveland, who stated “Silk City Diners are the easiest to restore”. Seretis says his new TOM’S DINER 2020 campaign launch is the historic landmark’s “last chance to stay in Roxbury where it belongs”.  He plans to convert the restoration project to a non-profit venture to pay it forward with food pantry, veterans & children with special needs initiatives. It will have multidimensional uses serving as not only a popular eatery, but also a cooking school, cultural event space for artists & charity fundraising, as well as a set for production including TV, motion picture & radio. The project also has the support of NJ Historic Trust, NJ Historic Preservation Office & Preservation NJ.  THANK YOU TO ALL OUR SUPPORTERS!

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