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‘Save Ridgewood’ group protests new apartments proposed for former commercial area



‘Save Ridgewood’ group protests new apartments proposed for former commercial area

Originally published: March 11, 2014 8:06 PM
Updated: March 11, 2014 8:48 PM

RIDGEWOOD – Concerns over increased traffic and school overcrowding have sparked a battle over several new apartment complexes in Ridgewood.

Some residents in the upscale community have formed a grassroots movement called “Save Ridgewood,” which is fighting to block three proposed apartment complexes from going up.

The group says the three- and four-story buildings would change Ridgewood’s small town charm.  They are also concerned hundreds of new residents could create traffic and parking problems.

10 thoughts on “‘Save Ridgewood’ group protests new apartments proposed for former commercial area

  1. first we need a parking lot. we have no parking.

  2. This article is misleading. The group is not “against” three and four story buildings. In fact, the group would probably jump for joy if the buildings all went up at three stories.

  3. I support this group and all the good work they are doing but unfortunately there are more powerful groups and politician at work here. All their pieces have been put in place to control any information that they do not want to be disseminated. So by the time Save Ridgewood finds out it will be to late. Sad what this town has come to. I watch tonight Council meeting and heard resident talk about senior citizen housing. Unfortunately these developers can make more money not renting to senior citizens its all about the MONEY with these developers. Good Luck to our senior citizens but I would suspect that there will be very few apartment reserved for them. Good luck to our Mayor , Council and new Village Manger. the fate of the good Village lies in their hands.

  4. Anonymous:

    first we need a parking lot. we have no parking.

    Bullshit. There is plenty of parking. Just look around. Cottage Street lot is rarely full.

  5. The issue is housing density per acre.

  6. This new group should be demanding that the developers fund a comprehensive study run by an independent team representing the Village (i.e., not the Council or the Planning Board as they all appear to have personal agendas). The study should look at the COLLECTIVE impact on traffic, schools and infrastructure of all of the projects currently before the town – including Valley.

    Each individual developer/hospital is its own special interest and will testify endlessly that THEIR project will have no impact but nobody has looked at the impact on the Village if all of the projects are approved. We need to do the math.

  7. Has anyone in the “Save Ridgewood” group thought about the impact of doing nothing. Three of the four proposed residential development sites are currently vacant. At the recent Planning Board meeting in which the Brogan site was discussed one genius suggested that the site be developed for Retail use. This would produce far more traffic, noise and clutter than any residential use. It is time for the Save Ridgewood group to stop complaining and come forth with some well reasoned suggestions for the long term use of what are becoming increasingly blighted properties.

  8. #6 makes an excellent suggestion. I also agree that there is parking available however at times it might require walking a few blocks to your destination. The Chestnut St. lot behind the Y would make a perfect commuter parking lot. The developers will not give up so mobilizing resident taxpayers who oppose these projects is the only way to at least modify the plans to something more in keeping with a small town feel. Ridgewood will become the new Montclair or Hackensack (if Valley has its way) and certainly not why many of us chose to live here. I don’t for one second believe that any of these developments will be beneficial to our town. What good is a master plan if variances and changes in use are excepted for those with deep pockets and connections?

  9. Parking is only a problem for the chronic complainers that will not walk a couple of blocks,but when they go to the mall i do not hear any bitching that they had to walk a half mile.

  10. Where is our vision?

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