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Schar Report : A Whole lot of Nothing


Schar Report:A Whole lot of Nothing

Committee cannot conclude what Christie knew about GWB lane closures

Prepared and submitted to the NJ Legislative Committee yesterday by attorney Reid J. Schar from Jenner and Block, a report regarding the George Washington Bridge lane closures asserts that the committee is not currently in a position to conclude what Governor Chris Christie “himself knew about the lane closures or when and how his knowledge of these events developed.” (Pizarro/PolitickerNJ)

5 thoughts on “Schar Report : A Whole lot of Nothing

  1. Instead of telling us what didn’t happen, perhaps somebody could give us the blow-by-blow account of what did happen, including why. The aide who pulled the trigger on the lane closure didn’t just have a fat finger, you know. The closure was done for no other reason than to create the mother of all traffic jams, and the plan was executed by a close Christie aide. Even if the explanation ends up being that the aide was simply crudely targeting some deadbeat ex-boyfriend of hers who drives into Manhattan from Teaneck every day for work, that would be fine. Just give me something, anything, that I can sink my teeth into. I am just so sick and tired of misbehavior by political and industry elites not only going unpunished, but now going almost wholly unexamined, as if this is the new normal. How does anyone in the news business build a career if they have such strict instructions not to connect any dots they might happen to see?

  2. Another waste of money by the useless Democrats who run this state.

  3. Christie has probably already contributed the maximum to their respective re-election campaigns! LOL

  4. 1. find horse
    2. beat it to death
    3. keep beating it


  5. The liberal media made this never ending accusation ‘big’ news for a year.
    Its a non-event, but anything to tar and feather a Republican.
    It shows how there is zero credibility with the lamestream media.
    When our former Governor was on his knees ‘servicing’ anonymous ‘recipients’ at highway rest areas, it was rarely mentioned until HE wrote his book!
    fucking hippocrites

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