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>SCHOOL ELECTION RESULTS, : I suggest Laurie and her mates lick their wounds and open their ears

>Blogger Laurie Goodman openly laments the budget loss, she can’t help but call out a fellow citizen for being under-informed and angry lunkhead in true Alinsky style.

If this guy was underinformed, whose fault was it? LG will probably say that he should have one to the budget meetings and open houses (for indoctrination purposes) to get the ‘facts’. Truth be told is that the whole reason for a representative democracy is that no one can know all the facts.

I’m sure the guy has read a blog, the Ridgewood News or approached by the HSA moms who troll Ridgewood like it’s Stepford.

Laurie has a cure to her problem (as do the seemingly clueless BOE members): the mirror. If she was listening to her constituents, she would know that the economic lag in education is about 24 months. Instead of waking to the alarm, the BOE keeps hitting the snooze, expecting things will turn around and Trenton will honor its $10 million dollar coupon for a huge referendum.

We in the private sector face a daily onslaught. Government has been a sacred cow, but when you have endured all you can in the private sector, the knife must turn to BOE & VC budgets.

I suggest Laurie and her mates lick their wounds and open their ears. A small dose of humility goes a long way in mending fences.

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