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>SCHOOL ELECTION RESULTS : Unwillingness of Teachers to take a Wage Freeze Blamed for Budget Loss

>Ridgewood officials say rift between Governor Christie and teachers to blame for budget defeat
Saturday, April 24, 2010
The Record

RIDGEWOOD — Officials say the public fight between Governor Christie and the New Jersey Education Association — and the unwillingness of teachers to take a wage freeze — were to  on Tuesday.

“We lost,” Board of Education Vice President Robert Hutton said. “The turnout at the polls in Ridgewood was over the top as board of  education elections go. In the overall scheme,the governor and the NJEA warfare was brought to the forefront in this election.”

Our own Ridgewood Blog Poll suggested that most readers favored “a teacher wage freeze”

Yes 273 (69%)

No 120 (30%)

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