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Sen. Bob Kerrey: Partisan torture report fails America



Sen. Bob Kerrey: Partisan torture report fails America

Bob Kerrey8:51 p.m. EST December 9, 2014

Intelligence agencies need guidance to do better, Senate Democrats failed to provide it.

I regret having to write a piece that is critical of the Democratic members of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Most of them are former colleagues and friends. I hope they will remain friends after reading this.

For eight years I served on this committee. I know how difficult and important the work of providing tough and fair oversight of our nation’s$50 billion top-secret intelligence network.

I will wait until I have fully read and considered Tuesday’s report to enter the debate over whether the CIA handled interrogation of detainees in an appropriate manner. Thanks to the 2005 and 2006 efforts of Senator John McCain I do not have to wait to be certain our interrogation policies and procedures are aligned with our core values.

I also do not have to wait to know we are fighting a war that is different than any in our country’s past. The enemy does not have an easy to identify and analyze military. In the war against global jihadism, human intelligence and interrogation have become more important, and I worry that the partisan nature of this report could make this kind of collection more difficult.

5 thoughts on “Sen. Bob Kerrey: Partisan torture report fails America

  1. Partisan everything tends to fail America, as GW said it would.

    Cuts both ways, PJ, but you only seem to cry foul half the time. Funny, that.

  2. People “get off” on being cruel. Especially when they can be undetected and can hide under a “just cause.” They , the interrogators need to be carefully monitored.

    John McCain said he disapproves of torture. He spoke on TV last night and he is quoted in NYT today, last paragraph in Friedman’s column.

  3. Hey James, where is my response disagreeing with you. I said that John McCain disagrees with you too.

  4. This report has failed to gain my sympathy for the terrorists who fly planes into buildings and ‘behead’ innocent people.

  5. Putin is laughing his ass off.
    This country has become a joke.
    Study hiistory to see where we are headed.

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