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Shades of Bernie Goetz : NJ Transit Bus Driver Allegedly Shoots Attackers

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Jersey City NJ, a NJ Transit bus driver was arrested after allegedly shooting and critically injuring a teenager after an altercation in Jersey City on Saturday night. According to Jersey City spokeswoman Kimberly Wallace-Scalcione the driver Charles Fieros, 48, of Staten Island, was “outside the bus when he retrieved an illegal handgun and shot at the group of males who had allegedly (attacked and) assaulted him,”. The weapon recovered by Jersey City police came back as stolen.

Videos circulating on the internet show the driver being attacked  trampled and stamped on by a gang of teens in Jersey City .

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Bernhard Hugo Goetz (variously referred to as Bernard Goetz or Bernie Goetz in contemporary media reports; born November 7, 1947) is an American who is best known for shooting four young men intent on mugging him. As a result he was convicted for illegal possession of a firearm. Goetz came to symbolize New Yorkers’ frustrations with the high crime rates of the mid 1980s. The incident occurred on the Seventh Avenue express subway train in Manhattan in 1984. It sparked a nationwide debate on vigilantism, the perceptions of race and crime in major cities, and the legal limits of self-defense.

Goetz fired an illegal revolver five times, seriously wounding three of the attempted muggers and rendering the fourth a paraplegic. The initially unknown shooter, dubbed the “Subway Vigilante” by the New York press, was both exalted and vilified in the media and in public opinion

The injured teen, a 15-year-old, arrived at a local hospital by taxi with three gunshot wounds to the abdomen and is in critical but stable condition, Wallace-Scalcione said. The altercation and alleged shooting happened along the No. 87 bus route at Jewett and Monticello avenues around 9:48 p.m.

Fieros was taken to a local hospital for treatment of injuries to his head and face he sustained during the attack and was released into police custody. He is now facing seven charges, including attempted murder, unlawful possession of a handgun and receiving stolen property.

NJ Transit spokesman Jim Smith.said in a statement  , “The bus operator was immediately taken out of service without pay pending the investigation,” .

Fieros has only worked for the agency since January of this year as a bus operator, Smith said.

20 thoughts on “Shades of Bernie Goetz : NJ Transit Bus Driver Allegedly Shoots Attackers

  1. the bus driver has a right to defend himself against these thugs

    1. He did have the right to defend himself. However, where did he get the stolen gun from? Just a thought.

      1. it didnt say stolen gun it said illegal. likely a legal gun owner in ny but not in nj, owning a gun should be like a drivers license, recognized by every state… unfortuntely not yet

        1. “The weapon recovered by Jersey City police came back as stolen.”
          Quoted from above writing.

      2. Yup. The gun must be traced.
        Methinks it strange we GPS many things and fly into space and invent bitcoin BUT cannot prevent at least AUTOMATIC weapons from circulating unmanaged. Ugh.

  2. The driver’s need to carry a gun.

  3. Awesome…!

    We need more Bronson movies !

    1. ‘Omega Man’ with Charlton Heston is also inspiring.

    2. Yipes. Watch em on netflix. Jest riles lotsa peeps.

  4. He should be applauded for standing up for himself in SELF DEFENSE. If NJ was not such an anti Second Amendment state, he likely would have owned a legal gun and did us all a favor. What needs to happen here is he needs to learn to aim better, and remove these thugs from the street permanently. Just more NJ hogwash.

  5. How can you say allegedly attacked and then state the video shows him being attacked.
    Charles did the right and hopefully this will deter attackers in the future.
    I hope the “teenagers” will think twice before doing this again. This is terrible news that teenagers are doing this. Where are the parents?

    1. You mean ‘parent’?

  6. While you were all asleep at the switch the nj senate passed a bill making sure that all law abiding nj residents cannot defend the self’s regardless of what the highest court in the land says. One stipulation being this bus. Under the new legislation you are banned from concealed carry on any nj transit. Along with multiple public places where you would obliviously need to defend yourself. Useless and pointless legislation aimed at denying your constitutional rights. Only in nj.

    1. the right to carry is just that. hope the nj supreme court reverses this BS ASAP.
      how come murphy wont publish serial numbers and source of guns used in crimes… because he wil find they are from out of state, or stolen, and he should use the atf to follow the serial number and have the feds lock up any gun traffickers.. but he wont.. he doesnt fit his narrative.. he punishes honest law abiding gun owners who want to protect themselves from the criminals he wont prosecute

    2. There should be severe penalties for creating and signing legislation that obviously flies in the face of set US Supreme Court decisions. This should be rebuked and reversed as soon as the USSC can to set an example.

      1. But, “State’s Rights” am I right, Republicans?

  7. For the purposes of the way this will be reported.

    Black Thugs = “teens”

    Hispanic NJ Transit Driver = “white male”

    Half dozen thugs kicking NJ Transit Driver on the ground = (will be ignored)

    NJ Transit Driver defending himself from being kicked to death = “White Male Opens Fire and Shoots Teen in a Racially Motivated attack”

    1. Sad but true. And a group of teens can be as deadly as anything… Yet we must tolerate their antics as “childplay.” Bulls pompoms…


  9. In my sci fi baby humans get chip-coded. Chips can be removed or blunted by wearer. Yada.
    Long ways off… Nothing public works well in early 21st Century.
    Hope the US nuclear codes are safe.

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