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Sheriff Anthony Cureton Makes Parole Hearing Public Comment on Killer of Bergen County Sheriff’s Officer


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Statement from Sheriff Anthony Cureton on August 14th Parole Hearing for Stephen Perry:

Today Stephen Perry, who was convicted felon for the murder of on-duty Bergen County Sheriff’s Officer Joseph Rybka, is scheduled to appear before the New Jersey State Parole Board once again seeking consideration for parole.

I strongly urge the State of New Jersey Parole Board deny Stephen Perry’s most recent consideration for parole. Forty years ago, Perry caused tremendous pain for the northern New Jersey law enforcement community when he took the life of Bergen County Sheriff’s Officer Joseph Rybka on January 6, 1979.

While receiving treatment for wounds Perry obtained two days prior from engaging in a shootout with Teaneck Police, Perry took it upon himself to assault Officer Rybka who was on guard at Bergen Pines County Hospital, steal his firearm, and shoot Rybka multiple times in a planned escape attempt.

A ten-year veteran of the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office, Rybka left behind a wife, son, and hundreds of brothers-in-blue grieving to this day, all because he was simply doing his job and standing guard at the hospital.

Premeditated murder is a heinous crime and offenders deserve to serve the maximum punishment under law, especially when the crime is committed against a law enforcement officer. Prior to the murder of Officer Rykba, Perry had twelve prior arrests including the violation of parole, and since was convicted in November 14, 2003 for Distribution of a Controlled Dangerous Substance while in prison. Perry has a stubborn recidivist track record and if paroled, faces the same likely scenario.

The men and women of the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office will never forget the sacrifice made by their fallen hero and stand in solidarity with the Rybka family in hopes this Board denies Stephen Perry’s consideration so he may continue to serve the full extent of justice allowed under law.

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