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Shocker at Monday’s Ridgewood BOE meeting – Audit reveals $729k spent without knowledge of BOE members and “repeat” audit findings

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Ridgewood NJ, on Monday evening, 03/07, Mr. Andrew Parente, a partner in the Fair Lawn based financial auditing firm of Lerch, Vinci & Higgins, LLP, informed BOE members that $729k in BOE funds were spent during the 2021-2022 school year without their required approval (expenditures in excess of the $44k bid threshold require BOE approval via resolution). Breakdown of the “without approval” expenditures was as follows:

  • $65k for security services (BOE members had no idea what this was for)
  • $197k for running track resurfacing
  • $467k for Chromebooks

Mr. Parente also informed BOE members that there were two “corrective action required” audit findings from 2020-2021 that appeared on the school district’s 2021-2022 list of findings as well. One of those findings has been “on the list for years” according to Parente. No explanation was provided as to why these findings were not corrected as was recommended last year.

The school district’s Business Administrator, Scott Bisig, was not present at Monday evening’s scheduled meeting. At least one BOE member (Shelia Brogan) appeared puzzled by Mr. Bisig’s absence.

Hmm. Audit findings are scheduled to be presented to BOE members, and the Business Administrator isn’t there to hear the findings. Hmm.

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40 thoughts on “Shocker at Monday’s Ridgewood BOE meeting – Audit reveals $729k spent without knowledge of BOE members and “repeat” audit findings

  1. Follow the money.

  2. Have they found Mr. Bisig yet?

  3. Coin Boy can give us a loan.

  4. Remember this is same auditor who was hiding infant toddler expenses in elementary school accounts.
    So his statements cannot be trusted.

    1. Are you sure it’s the same auditor? I thought the auditor was changed following the Spring 2020 school board election election.

      1. Auditor was last changed by Fishben several years ago. Once the auditor is changed, a lot of hidden stuff will come out from Fishbein days .

    2. Look up what an ‘auditor’ does

  5. I told you don’t trust anybody from the board of Ed. Village Hall, the woman’s club, the real estate group, the ridgewood news,they all sleep in the same bed. It’s been like that for many many more.

    1. Starting to feel that way…

  6. No, that was a different auditor

  7. We’re not concerned.

    …We’re RICH and STUPID

  8. Americans will continue to be distracted and ripped off at all levels until the abuse really registers. The corruption at all levels is in your face now and at the national level the waste, fraud and abuse has brought debt-to-GDP is greater than it was at the end of WWII.

    It’s like what Clubber Lang replied when the ringside interviewer asked him his prediction for the fight in “Rocky 3”.

    “My prediction?…………Pain.”

  9. In my former line of work, a repeat audit finding had serious consequences. At a minimum, the department head would be fired.

  10. They’re all full of shit, don’t believe in that 0% tax hike, looks good sounds good boy. Oh boy you just wait until next year or the year after they’ll give it to ya. That’s the smokescreen.

  11. Bisig is an arrogant racist who should’ve been dismissed long ago.

    1. LMAO! And your proof of him being racist?

  12. Why do we have a supe AND a BA?

    Is the supe like the VOR mayor and the BA akin to the VOR village manager?

    If so, why pay the supe so much money? (Skads of money this year because of the interregnum.)

    1. Superintendent : Village Manager :: BA : CFO

  13. Word is that Bisig missed the application deadline for a $5 million grant. If this is true, FIRE HIM NOW!

  14. In response to “ Bisig is an arrogant racist who should’ve been dismissed long ago”: how long is “long ago”? Hasn’t he only been around for 2 years? Also what makes him racist? That’s a heavy accusation to not back up

  15. Ao, while we have at attention to the foibles on the Village Council, the BOE is a bigger issue after all. Hey folks, it’s a much bigger budget and % of our tax bill.
    I thought Mr. Dani was going to root out corruption? He’s been in his seat for almost 3 years now. The BOE members on the finance committee have some explaining to do!

  16. Hard to stomach Ms. Kwak’s surprise at the BF track resurfacing. Really? She was Board President. Was this Dani’s first audit? Me thinks, no!

    1. Bingo. Amazing how people play stupid. Check the video tape!!!!

  17. Missing Morgan and Loncto everyday.

  18. The Kwak and Dani insulter is just a racist rant. They are more on top of the details than anyone

    1. Absolutely. We are lucky to have Kwak and Dani. Meanwhile, we pay our $$$$$ for Sheila’s legal bill and no one says a thing.

      1. Someone has commented on this and Lembo has been stone cold silent

        1. His vocabulary is limited….

      2. Lucky to have Kwak and Dani?!?!??! These 2 are the reasons why Administrators are leaving!!!! They have no idea what they are doing. They ALWAYS have something to say at meetings. Maybe if they LISTENED for a change, they’d learn something.

        1. because they can add

      3. Guess again, most of the ongoing leagle costs pertaini to Kwak and Dani needing to call the attorney every time they contradic their public statements.

    2. Kwak and Dani have no clue what they are doing! Wait a minute; we almost forgot…They do know how to destroy a great school district with their ongoing lying.

      1. Kwak and Dani are the first two BOE members in decades that know how to add, and not pawns of the teachers union

      2. schools have been down hill for 40+ years

  19. Please pay attention fellow residents, the Board of Education not been totally truthful about their knowledge of the suspected $729,000 dollars of costs. After an extensive review og all the approved minutes over the last three years, and OPRA requests, our constituents have found out the truth about our the current BOE. They are not being totally truthful about their respective knowledge of ongoing expenses. Like we suspected, all expenditures was su sequentially Board of Education approved by resolutions, and a second resolution was also approved through the required monthly bills lists that each BOE trustee reviews in detail be each public meeting. Trustee and Kwak and Dani have stated many times during public meetings that no bill goes unchecked. The following items were BOE approved: (1) $65,000 in security expenses (Police requirement for sporting events, and contract supplemental security Staff for other related school events, (2) $467,000 for cromebooks, this cost was BOE approved under the annual lease purchase agreement which goes out to bid each for $930,000 to cover the ongoing IT support equipment. This has been standard practice for the last 10 years, (3) the Middle School Track resurfacing project for $197,000 was BOE approved too. The BOE even had a lengthy discussion about this project when they approved the Bid proposal. It is just another reason how this current BOE continues to provide false information on what they really know. Our constituents want our residents to wake up before it is to late!

  20. I thought the auditor was changed when it was discovered how much money was being spent to illegally subsidize the Glen School pre-school. Is that still going on?
    The listed new “unknown” expenses are all pretty logical and are things that are done regularly as needed. Why are they now considered an “oversight” or surprise”?

  21. Kwak and Dani – not so easy of a job, would you agree.
    Don’t knock it until you try it.

    1. They need to go! Kwak has no children in the district. Her kids go to a provate school that our tax dollars are covering the transportation costs. Get a grip.

      1. most of the people who don’t like Kwak and Dani are just typical Ridgewood “WOKE” bigots

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