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Glen Rock Council Continues to Monitor the Progress of the Nabisco plant Demolition

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Glen Rock NJ, the Glen Rock Council is keeping a careful eye on the progress of the Nabisco plant demolition. From the Borough’s website:

“We have continued to work closely with a team of individuals and departments to obtain information on the Nabisco Demolition. This includes calls and emails with the Mayor of Fair Lawn, Congress Member Josh Gottheimer, Assembly Members Lisa Swain and Chris Tully, Senator Joe Lagana, and many others to gather all the necessary details. 

The Borough of Glen Rock is committed to advocating for our community and keeping everyone informed. We will continue to provide updates to our community.

Email Council Member Paula Gilligan at with questions.  Ms. Gilligan will continue to update this FAQ as responses come in.

Residents may also contact Congress Member Josh Gottheimer’s office by emailing, and they will reach out on your behalf to Fair Lawn. You will need to sign a privacy waiver (federal policy)”

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9 thoughts on “Glen Rock Council Continues to Monitor the Progress of the Nabisco plant Demolition

  1. Ridgewood Mayor or Council? Maybe take a pause on Schedler and provide residents with an update. Any impact to Ridgewood residents on the border of Glen Rock?

  2. Glen Rock council fully engaged

  3. When is the big implosion?

    I’ll be there with my COVID mask on… It will protect me.

  4. lets make sure the town is up to speed on air quality (dust, asbestos, crystalline silica particles, etc) and the distance from site impacted

    1. To be sure you are safe you should go hide in your basement.

  5. Not only Ridgewood Hawthorne two should get involved, no one knows exactly what’s inside an old plant, just because it was making cookies that we all loved to eat. I’m sure there’s other things lead paint on the wall and so on what’s in the ground, I’m sure they had machines of some sort operating everything, what do you think oils, colons, solvents leaking into the ground.

    1. I agree. Hawthorne II should get involved.

  6. Nilla Wafers have a very long half-life, no need to worry there.

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