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Shroud of secrecy in the name of security hangs over Montclair marijuana clinic


Shroud of secrecy in the name of security hangs over Montclair marijuana clinic
Sunday, March 10, 2013    Last updated: Monday March 11, 2013, 7:37 AM
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The sidewalk view of the Greenleaf Compassion Center in Montclair — the only medical marijuana dispensary to open in the state so far — is less intimidating than, say, the entrance to Fort Dix.

But with its storefront composed of ink-black windows that prevent anyone from seeing inside and a door that can be opened only with a state-issued computerized swipe card, it’s hardly inviting either.

Inside, patients and visitors alike must sign in and provide state-issued ID to a security guard at the front desk.

Cameras — monitored by the state Department of Health — watch the foyer and waiting room. More of them overlook the dispensary area behind yet another locked door, which is accessible only to patients and staff.

Three years after New Jersey authorized the limited use of marijuana as a treatment for the sick — and three months after Greenleaf opened its doors — the present reality of the state’s experiment in alternative treatment comes down to this nondescript one-story building on Bloomfield Avenue. A recent tour offered a glimpse inside a system in a state of evolution.

3 thoughts on “Shroud of secrecy in the name of security hangs over Montclair marijuana clinic

  1. Yeah, I always get my medicine from a high security “compassion center”.

    I hear that a herion daze can also relieve my back pain… where’s the center for this “medicine” and what is it called?

  2. The fact that you are comparing herion (sic) to weed shows you are a moron, #1. Go back to your VHS copy of “Reefer Madness” and leave the rest of us in the 2010’s alone.

    And I don’t even smoke…

  3. The fact that you think the comparison is of heroin to marijuana shows that you are a moron or perhaps you are currently high or have destroyed too many brain cells over the years.

    The comparison is of marijuana to medicine.

    >If marijuana was actually a medicine, it would be dispensed with all of the other legitimate medicines… and not in a “compassion center”.

    >Also as a “medicine” it has very undesirable side effects.
    If it was to be used as a medicine, the medicinal qualities would be extracted and condensed into an alternate form such as liquid or capsule and the undesirable side effects removed through natural or artificial means

    >If it was to be used as an actual medicine, it would have to pass FDA scrutiny and go through multiple legitimate test studies.

    >If it was an actual medicine the patient would get prescribed a specific strength and dosage by a doctor and would not be allowed to walk into a “medicine store” and choose which “medicine” he preferred to use and decide on the dosage and frequency to use it.

    FACE IT.

    Medical Marijuana is a farce.
    If you want to legalize marijuana then go at it directly… alcohol is legal.
    No one is calling alcohol a medicine.
    To call marijuana a “medicine” is at best dishonest and weak.
    But then again, you already know all of this. If not, then you may actually be an honest to goodness moron.

    My original comment’s reference to heroin as a medicine was to show how ridiculous it is to call marijuana a medicine.
    Maybe you should lay off the weed (sic) and clear your head so you can comprehend the subtleties of life before posting ill thought out comments.

    And I don’t even use heroin…

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