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Signage may point to Ridgewood shops


Signage may point to Ridgewood shops
Friday March 29, 2013, 2:27 PM
The Ridgewood News

Inspired by a recent visit to Lambertville in central New Jersey, Paul Vagianos and other members of the Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce pitched a public-private partnership to place new store signage at three key intersections in the Central Business District (CBD).

If the plan is approved by the Village Council, new signs will be installed along East Ridgewood Avenue at northeast corners of Broad, Chestnut and Oak streets.

Tom Hillmann, chamber president and owner of Hillmann Lighting, and Village Engineer Chris Rutishauser have already “scoped out” the area to determine the appropriate locations and heights of the new signs.

“We would be cleaning up the whole street sign look,” Hillman said.

12 thoughts on “Signage may point to Ridgewood shops

  1. Sorry it will take more than signs to make the Village the business district it once was in 1948.

    More changes are needed.

  2. Another Chamber of Commerce boondoggle. Additional signage+ distraction for motorists= pedestrian peril. What are these people thinking? The Greek to Me guy builds a structure on the sidewalk and nobody says anything? Hauck is quoted in the Record as saying ” great idea”.

    What a joke with your money.

    1. So since you raised the issue, what is up with that structure Paul Vigianos built on the sidewalk in front of his store?

      I heard through the grapevine that a STOP WORK order was issued by the Village, but he continued construction on it anyway.

      I also heard that he was issued at least 5 summonses. What is the status of those? Did his buddy Paul Aronsohn get him off the hook?

      Why is it that some people just seem to get away with everything short of murder in this town?


  3. You are right #2. Its is my understanding is that the owner Greek to Me put a large stone planter up with no permits or authorization. He was told to stop work by the engineering dept. but continued. I guess when your in bed with Mayor Paul Aronsohn you can do whatever you want. Mayor Paul Aronsohn talks about handicap access for all will try to get a wheelchair between the planter tables. Remember the song. “Signs signs everywhere signs” The Chamber supported our Mayor in his election and now it time to collect. Hauck is a joke that why the pick her as a running mate. She will just go along to get along.

  4. Post photos of the illegal structure please PJ.

  5. Certain members of the Chamber of Commerce have free reign with Mayor Paul Aronsohn. This sign thing is out of control. There are enough distractions in the CBD when driving. What up with La La Hauck get up and applauding these wacko at the council meeting .

  6. “BIG AL THE DEVELOPERS FRIEND” went through the motion of asking tough load question but in the end he said he is not against it. What a phoney. He is one of those guys that give attorneys a bad name.

  7. What do you think our municipal judge who was appointed by Mayor Paul Aronsohn is goings to do when those ticket make it to court. That is if they ever make it to court.

  8. Proving once again that it pays to have friends in high office – tickets disappeared as if by magic.

  9. why did the vc even allow the gtm guy to speak knowing that he’d recently violated the law

  10. Because they think that they “THE THREE AMIGOS ” can pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. Just like all the secrets e-mails and meetings with Terminal Construction. Where was the league of women voters on that subject? They always talki about transparency in government but yet not a word about . The “THE THREE AMIGOS ” have a free pass on whatever they do and they know it. The voting shows that they have a clear mandate to do whatever they want to do.

  11. I love you guys , the town gives a guy 6 grand they dont have to and that sOK . Gabbert may have screwed up ,but lets faces it the Mayor wanted to kiss a little union ass for the next election

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