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South Korea Votes Say No To “Green Energy Policies”

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Seoul South Korea, Green energy policies are getting crushed seemingly everywhere except in the USA.

South Korea’s 52 million people just participated in their presidential election and a conservative candidate, former prosecutor Yoon Seok-yeol won. He promises to be a much better security ally for the U.S. than his left-wing predecessor.

A major issue in the election was energy policy.  Lee Jae-myung from the ruling Democratic Party rejected ordering any new atomic plants.  The new incoming president, Yoon Seok-yeol, wants an end to any phaseout of nuclear power and calls for 30 percent of the country’s energy generation to come from nuclear, including new small modular reactors.  He argued that the current government shift to renewable energy couldn’t meet demand and currently accounts for less than 8 percent of power production.  So they can build nuclear plants in countries ranging from South Korea to France, but we can’t build them here?

5 thoughts on “South Korea Votes Say No To “Green Energy Policies”

  1. The MSM will leave this story alone. It doesn’t fit the narrative of only the USA being assholes while the rest of the world (except Russia) are simply wonderful.

  2. It would kill the industry that makes the virtue signalling CLIMATE ACTION NOW signs

  3. Everyone in the world is smart enough to look out for their own self-interest except the USA

  4. Green narrative, LOL.
    Look at what the elites DO, not say!
    They fly their private jets, million dollar yachts, and most definitely wont give up on eating meat
    (they just quietly exempted private jets and megayachts from the whole “green” bs in Europe – Look this up yourselves).
    So, just like they made you wear a face muzzle while they were partying and ignoring their own dictats, the same is happing with the entire “climate change” agenda. Its only purpose is to LIMIT YOU, while they party on without YOU getting under their feet!

  5. Politicians are turning the USA into a 3rd world nation. Open borders, corruption, stolen elections, tent cities, crimes unpunished. Wake up people, Floridas not big enough.

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