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Starbucks CEO Says More Stores To Close Because “America has become unsafe”

Starbucks Ridgewood

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood blog had previously reported  that Starbucks was reversing its 2017 policy to force store managers to let anyone come into their store, use the bathroom, and effectively camp out without buying anything. It also announced it would close 16 profitable stores that had been overrun by the homeless, petty criminals, and drug users in progressive cities like Seattle, Philadelphia, and New York.

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Now Starbucks CEO Howard Schulz has told employees that “America has become unsafe” and that the company will take further steps to close stores and protect its staff and customers. “Many more” store closures are coming, he says.

Schultz is a lifelong Democrat, he launched a brief campaign for president in 2020 as a “common sense” independent. He now has no tolerance for “woke” elected leaders:

“At the local, state, and federal level, these leaders, mayors, and governors and city councils have abdicated their responsibility in fighting crime and addressing mental illness.”

This is called being mugged by reality.

13 thoughts on “Starbucks CEO Says More Stores To Close Because “America has become unsafe”

  1. Go Woke, Go Broke

  2. No I think a lot of the stores are closed because the rent is so damn high, A lot of people are moving their stores to other towns with a rent is a bit cheaper.

  3. America has become unsafe due to polices enthusiastically endorsed and supported by Starbucks.

  4. I guess when you openly welcome non-customers to use the bathrooms, the outcome was inevitable. Starbucks bathrooms used to be a great restroom but they are now basically homeless shelters and shooting galleries.

  5. Starbucks needs to change their thinking. They’re rude. Snotty,

  6. They’d rather Close Stores, rather than admit that their Liberal Kumbaya Policies are wrong and change them.

    That is the mark of a zealot and a disciple.

    1. OK, I’ll bite. What “Liberal Kumbaya” policies are you referring to?

      They’re an incredibly powerful corporation with a reputation of ruthlessness against their employees, that is currently fighting tooth and nail against unionization, so I’m curious.

      1. You’re hopeless.
        Starbucks is one of the most “woke” companies out there.

        1. Again, how?

          1. for starters, you can draw a direct line from
            The policy of “open bathrooms” and not allowing store managers to call police to remove non-customers, even if they are drug addicts or engaging in disruptive or criminal acts
            Closing the stores rather than changing this policy.

            But this is minor compared to all the woke activism the company engages in to erode and destroy the fabric of a civil society, such as Defunding the police.

            Maybe if you weren’t so intellectually lazy, you’d find out all of Starbucks woke policies and their detrimental impact on the lives of everyday people rather than ask me to spoon feed it to you.

  7. The coffee has always tasted burned to me. I have been in various Starbucks I think a total of three times in my life, always because the person I was meeting insisted. Will not miss them if they go.

  8. The one in Ridgewood needs a good cleaning and a paint job inside. And the back parking lot is filthy

  9. Yes the Borough health department need’s too inspect the back of that building. Dirty, and behind rite aid to. Go look for your self. No wonder we have a Rodent problem in the CPD.

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