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>Steve Lonegan :The Bailout Scam is Now Law

>The Bailout Scam is Now Law

I am sorry to announce that despite an overwhelming public outcry and thousands of emails and calls from our AFP activists, the House of Representatives has passed the pork laden bill 263 to 171. It now goes to President Bush who is expected to sign it.

Below is a roll call of the New Jersey Delegation. On Wednesday, Senators Lautenberg (D) and Menendez (D) both voted Yes.

The following voted YES for the biggest taxpayer subsidized swindle in history:

Andrews (D-1)
Saxton (R-3)
Pallone (D-6)
Ferguson (R-7)
*Pascrell (D-8)
*Frelinghuysen (R-11)
Holt (D-12)
Sires (D-13)

* Switched vote from earlier this week.

The following voted NO, holding firm for taxpayers and against this scam.

LoBiondo (R-2)
Smith (R-4)
Garrett (R-5)
Rothman (D-9)
Payne (D-10)

Thank you in particular to Congressman Scott Garrett for taking the lead in fighting this outrageous taxpayer rip-off. This Wall Street Bailout bill is loaded with ridiculous earmarks and even contains carbon caps that will destroy our manufacturers ability to compete.

Please call your Congressman and let him know what you think of his vote.

Steve Lonegan
Americans for Prosperity

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