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Stolen Ridgewood Car Crashes in Hawthorne During Police Pursuit

photo courtesy of Hawthorne Police

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Hawthorne NJ, according to the Hawthorne Police department just after midnight last night, 4 males from Newark and Irvington stole a Lexus from Ridgewood. The stolen vehicle was spotted by officers in the area of Lincoln Avenue. The vehicle fled from officers and led police on a pursuit on and off 208 and through several Hawthorne streets. When the vehicle crashed at Parker Ave in the area of Tenth and Eleventh, officers pursued the suspects on foot through backyards, over fences, and through the woods. Your officers were able to capture all 4 suspects, taking them in to custody and turning them over to Bergen County officers for charging. Another great job by our officers, Lets hope the keys were not left in the car>

9 thoughts on “Stolen Ridgewood Car Crashes in Hawthorne During Police Pursuit

  1. Newark and Irvington residents?
    More irish from those upstanding towns???

  2. RACIST!

  3. What are their names and backgrounds?Hum, unemployed with records, non Caucasian.Check
    This is a classic Murphy catch and release senerio. Doesn’t matter if the car was unlocked with the key in it. You have no right to take someone’s property. This is why car insurance is expensive. Lock them up for 25 and car insurance goes down.

  4. Parker Avenue Cars Matter.

    It’s written right there on the street.

  5. This was my car- kids got a slap on the wrist, upsetting.

  6. @Nicole — what was the punishment??

  7. My car was stolen year ago. They picked up 6 south americans driving it at 10 mph (they blew the transmission ) in MIddlesex County. Back window broken out, glass everywhere, transmission blown, car hotwired, no key, etc. They couldn’t charge them with car theft because they didn’t see them steal the car (they claimed they borrowed it from a friend who gave it to them in that condition). They were instead charged with stolen property which, of course, they said they didn’t know it was stolen. Five juveniles walked away with no punishment, the one adult walked away with pre-trial intervention which he blew off. Nine years later I went to court because the adult was caught stealing cars and they were now going to hear my case. Guess what? The jury decided there was a chance that his story might (I must have lent the car to a friend a long time ago, who made a key, who had permission to use the car whenever he wanted to, and the friend lent them the car with the window broken out, no key and hot-wired). He walked with no punishment.

  8. A few weeks ago a white 13 year old and a white 15 year old both from Franklin Lakes took a car and went for a midnight car ride until the police caught them. Don’t know if they were going on a crime spree or not but these things happen everywhere even in white Bergen County by white kids that are up to no good.

  9. First of all there should be no high-speed pursuit on chasing a stolen car. Someone else can get killed. Certain crimes do not Warrant high speed pursuit.

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