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Stop & Shop on Route 17 South in Paramus to Close Permanently

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Paramus NJ, the Stop & Shop off of Linwood Avenue at 859 South State Route 17 in Paramus is closing permanently as of yesterday January 13th ,2022.  Signs near the entrances are advising customers of the closure and directing them to the Stop & Shop at 175 Franklin Avenue in Ridgewood in the central business district .

Rumors abound as to what will become of the property , but high density housing at the location and also at the old Fireplace location seem to be the most likely scenario .

46 thoughts on “Stop & Shop on Route 17 South in Paramus to Close Permanently

  1. What’s going in there

  2. I saw Harry Carson in there once. He was very friendly.

    My wife says this place is always dirty so maybe it’s not such a great loss…?

  3. A few years ago there was an article about the whole shopping center being demolished and being replaced with a new S&S, Chick-fil-a, taco bell and something else.

  4. The news article is June 6th 2019 on North

  5. The original deal fell through. it was going to be new restaurants, a new bigger store, and maybe even a hotel. Now they are left with a huge empty space of, as yet, unknown use.

  6. Along with its sister supermarket in central Ridgewood, it was, by far, the worst choice in area supermarkets.

  7. Build another grocery store no matter which one it is as long it’s something we can actually use.Housing on route 17,what idiot came up with that.

  8. Open another Uncle Giuseppe’s !


    very few people the service reps and cashiers were very nice and i was happy NOT to get covid and to be shopping in a almost empty store

  10. It was never full because it sucked.

  11. Grand Union was great.
    Stop and Shop Su*ks

  12. SHAME on stop and shop for not fixing up this store or building a new one,it’s the best lot I’ve ever seen for a grocery store,it’s hugh.SHAME on whoever bought the property if they build housing on it,and SHAME SHAME SHAME on the mayor of paramus for allowing it. He does care about the residents of paramus.

    1. I meant to say he does NOT care about the residents of paramus.

  13. More high density housing…just keep packing ‘em in! And then complain why the traffic is so bad on 17. This place is gonna be a wasteland along with Kmart

  14. More high density housing…just keep packing ‘em in! And then complain why the traffic is so bad on 17. This place is gonna be a wasteland along with Kmart

  15. FOOD. FOOD. FOOD. That’s what we want,places that sell food.Put a grocery store, a bagel shop, and maybe throw in a laundromat or something just not housing. Paramus residents are getting fed up with all this nonsense.

  16. Add to that list,a TDbank, a pizza place, keep the dollar den. Come on people keep the good ideas coming.

  17. Neither Paramus nor Ridgewood stores are very good. However, the pharmacy in Paramus was good, staffed by knowledgeable and nice people. While some of the Paramus pharmacy staff are now in Ridgewood, the pharmacy there is smaller and on the 2nd floor. When I went there a day ago the elevator, which is old and rickety, was out of order -disgraceful! How does a handicapped person access the pharmacy? I would second the construction of a new store such as Uncle Giuseppe’s, or even better, a Wegman’s.

  18. you morons vote for democrats who appoint liberals the NJ state supreme court
    when the NJ court isnt freeing cop killers like Trantino they created the ‘mount laurel ruling’ requiring towns to build affordable housing.
    so as part of the towns obligations, builders take advantage of it to ram housing into our communities, along with the occupants, many of whom require additional school budgets and ESL classes .
    so you liberals get bit in the ass by your own democrats.
    imagine hard working people bust their ass to get out of newark passaic and paterson, and the state shoves these affordable housing complexes in their back yard.

  19. I bet it goes for housing. They will put in the same standard ugly buildings with retail in first floor. If you want to live in a nearby suburb in the next few years you will need to move at least 20-30 miles northwest.

  20. I also would vote for an Uncle Guiseppes or a Wegmans,or any decent grocery store. And your right,the pharmacy staff at paramus is the best and I’m happy they went to ridgewood but they need a better way for elderly etc. to get upstairs. Maybe they should consider putting the pharmacy downstairs like it was in paramus Just a thought.

  21. High density housing right at the end of Linwood Ave.
    and the continuation through out downtown Ridgewood.
    Good luck with that…


  23. A strip mall like they have in Washington township would be perfect and I think it would make everyone very happy. I know that’s what I would love to see go there.

  24. keep building more cheap housing to bring more riff raff in to raise taxes.

  25. Store was always dirty . Great location, just never clean . Good luck to new endeavors.

  26. Place was a crap whole . Upper management ran it into the ground . Believe it or not it was one of the nicest supermarkets when it was a grand union . Feel bad for the people that worked there because they tried to do the best they could with no support from SS executives . Shame on them

  27. It’s a shame that corporate allowed this Stop and Shop to become run down. Refrigeration systems were always breaking down. I think people stopped shopping there because it was becoming an eyesore. The employees there were always nice. Paramus seems to be building high end homes, luxury apartment buildings and high end stores. It appears the middle class is slowly being pushed out. We need a budget friendly food store where the Paramus Stop and Shop was located, not high end stores or apartments. We have enough apartment complexes as evidenced on Paramus Rd, Midland Ave and Soldier Hill Rd.

  28. Could not agree more with Bob and Pat .( January 19th. 2022). I could not have said it any better.

  29. Okay, Pat, lovely idea. So are you going to set-up this new budget-friendly store? While you are at it, why not create a lovely butcher, baker, and candlestick maker.

  30. The butcher,and the baker sounds good,throw in a good grocery store, a Jersey Mike’s, and a couple other things and that will work.I personally can do without the candlestick maker.

  31. It’s always a case of THEY should open a new type of store. Who’s THEY? I’ll tell you who THEY is, it’s the free market, which for those that don’t know, is an economic principle of supply v demand.

  32. Paramus needs people to run this town that actually care about this town. Lots of luck.

  33. Jersey Mikes is the WORST sub place on the planet. Literally. They completely suck.

  34. “More high density housing…just keep packing ‘em in! And then complain why the traffic is so bad on 17.”

    Agree but you also have to factor in the development of Rockland and Orange Counties. I work in NYC and many of my colleagues commute from as are as Port Jervis, Monroe, Campbell Hall, etc.

  35. Do you know that behind Red Cedar Market in HHK crossings they’re planning to build 67 apartment units and 128 parking spaces in less than a 1.5 acre space. Then we have the Valley empty space on N Maple that seems like a perfect site for more high density. There is no suburbs anymore, it’s just a big city called Bergen County. It doesn’t matter the name, Paramus, Ridgewood, HoHoKus, Oradell (have you seen what they’re building on Soldier Hill Rd while wiping out acres of green space?) and on and on. There is no going back, everything is destined for development, no mercy for quality of life or preserving the nature or character of towns. And nobody speaks up. There is no reaction by anyone except a few scattered voices here and there. It’s over for the suburbs. It’s gonna be either urban or rural, nothing in between.

  36. I understand that you people who are not from paramus might like or do not care if they build housing where stop and shop on route 17 was but try to understand that we as residents live here and it’s getting to be too much. How would you honestly feel. All we can do as long time residents is hope that whoever purchased the property has a heart and will do what we hope he will do.Hes probably going to make a ton of money either way so what’s the difference.

  37. What a hugh,beautiful,perfect spot for a line of different stores that everyone could benefit from.

  38. Does anyone know who bought the property. I have been asking around and nobody seems to know.


  39. Any new info on stop and shop. I see it’s just about empty inside as of feb.13th which puzzles me because I thought they were going to demolish it,unless their selling the shelves etc. Dollar den still seems to be open.

  40. So what’s with stop and shop. There has not been anything going on there since they closed it and gutted it. Now there is graffiti on it. Come on Mr. Mayor let’s get on the ball here, either renovate it, tear it down and build something or turn it into a park,we’re all sick of looking at it.

    1. You need to get on a Paramus message board.

      1. Your right.

        1. Your right what?

  41. There are plenty of store fronts big and small that have been vacant a lot longer. That whole plot is an eyesore .

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