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Strategies to Increase Traffic Used by SEO Agency in Melbourne

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SEO is an approach to enhance your visibility online. In this online world of business, old strategies do not work now. To beat your competitor in the first-page race, you must use some trending and latest SEO strategies. Many SEO agencies Melbourne fail to give the desired outcome, while others have an excellent success rate. How can it be possible? All the credit goes to the unique SEO approach or SEO strategy.

This guide will tell you the top 15 strategies used by the SEO agencies in Melbourne to increase your traffic.

15 Strategies to Increase Traffic Used by SEO Agency

1.Optimize Your Google My Business Page

If you want to rank locally, you need to optimize your Google My Business listing. Complete your GMB profile 100%. Also, check all the details twice, including address, business name, business opening hours; everything needs to be accurate. Adding all the relevant categories to your business page helps you achieve the desired results.

2.Incorporate Long Tail Keywords

Several SEO agencies ignore Long-tail keywords just because of low monthly searches. But this is a mistake because you can optimize your website for too many long-tail keywords. You can find many SEO tools to help you find many keywords related to your services or products.

3.Use Purchase Intent Keywords

Being a business owner, your end goal is to sell your product or services. That’s why you need to find people who are ready to spend money. For this, you have to optimize your website for purchase-intent keywords. People who search for “affordable black shoes,” “cheapest black shoes,” and “best black shoes under 500” carry a purchase intention with it. So, find purchase intent keywords related to your brand and optimize your website accordingly.

4.Use Your Competitor’s Keywords

You already know that the most crucial aspect of SEO is keyword research, and your competitor already works on the keyword you are looking for. Now you have to copy those keywords and optimize your website accordingly. To grab your competitor’s keywords, you can use good SEO tools such as SEMRush and ahrefs.

5.Use Keywords In Your URL

Besides content optimization, you should also optimize your URL according to your primary keyword. Most of the top-notch SEO agencies in Melbourn know that keywords in URL help you to rank faster. For example, if your primary keyword is “affordable black shoes, “the website URL should be

6.Citations Matter

For a good SEO approach, the Citation is also an inevitable part. When doing Citation, make sure your brand name, address, and contact information appear precisely the same as your website. Search at least 50 citation websites for a start; you can also add your business to some local business directories and buy backlinks .

7.Optimize Images

Image optimization is crucial when you are optimizing your website for an SEO campaign. The first thing you need to do is resize your images manually or use a plugin to compress your images. Also, add an “alt text” to your website pictures. It means renaming your website images with your primary keyword. For example, if your primary keyword is affordable white shoes, the alternative text should be affordable white shoes or something relevant.

8.Use Screaming Frog

You can do a manual SEO audit if you are an expert SEO, but you should use Screaming Frog for a quick SEO problem report. This is one of the robust SEO tools that will help you find some errors in your website that will ruin your SEO campaign. After checking the error, you need to fix them ASAP to achieve the desired outcome.


Without competition, you do not require any strategy, but if your business niche is highly competitive, you should make changes according to the above points. Many popular SEO agencies use these strategies, and they also saw a significant increase in traffic. So now you know the strategy, you can use these in your SEO campaign. 

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