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Sunshine Law : Over forty e-mail and counting between two council members

File Photo by Boyd Loving Ridgewood REORG what did the Deputy Mayor and May know and when did they know it ?

Sunshine Law : Over forty e-mail and counting between two council members

Over forty e-mail and counting between two council members, attorneys and developers and not all the Council knew about it. They will never release them.

And yet the story remains buried by the Patch. Even Paul backers can’t talk their way out of this one. So it’s day 4 , and he’ll probably hit a story on Monday or Tuesday bashing Walsh to deflect any more attention from the fab 3.

Mayor Aronshohn’s is a political survivor he will do something to get him and his buddy off the hot seat. Then and only then will the Patch print the story. By doing this most of the sheep in Ridgewood will forgive his transgression and proclaim him a hero.

His supporters will proclaim him a hero and all will be forgiven. The only thing that has been accomplished here is that they have learned and will no longer use e-mail or anything else that may be traceable to conduct their agenda.

36 thoughts on “Sunshine Law : Over forty e-mail and counting between two council members

  1. In the meeting I watched, the councilman stated he would release the e-mails to the press. That being said where is all the difficulty arising from ? Did he or did he not text message the other council members about the meeting in question? The answer seems pretty simple.

  2. Yes, he received a text message. He clearly lifts his hand in the air and says he just received a text message. Another violation of the OPMA.

  3. Wasnt sure where to post this comment but I as a taxpayer cannot understand with the taxes we pay in ridgewood why the roads in the towns of waldwick ho ho kus and midland park are completely clear and ours are snow covered. Someone needs to find out why. Management should be held accountable.

  4. Sunshine Law notwithstanding, why have the Mayor and his campaign mates already made up their minds to develop these properties before the vetting processes are even close to running their course? Hmmmmm.

  5. It looks like they could pave the roads in ridgewood with e-mails if they ever release them or maybe Terminal construction will get the contract.

  6. Bottom line – Aronsohn is a d-bag. You cannot trust one word out of that guy’s mouth. He will say anything to be popular and is just out for himself.

    Watch our for his backroom discussions not only regarding the urbanization of downtown ridgewood but also Valley (which he denies but I would not put past him).

    If he can get his union supporters work (and therefore votes for himself), he will sell out ridgewood in a heartbeat.


  7. I understand that council members need to communicate outside of meetings. Phone calls and emails are the way that we do this. They need to collaborate. We all do.

    If there is a question about what was discussed, the emails should be released – just like at work. In most offices emails are archived and searchable. If there is need for documentation they are produced, it is not a big deal. Someone at village hall is capable of producing the emails. It does not have to be the mayor himself.

  8. Come to the village council meeting on Wednesday night at 7:30 in the courtroom. It is very important that people speak their minds about these incessant violations of the law. It is much more effective to be there in person and to speak, instead of just watching it on the computer. Don’t be shy, come and speak your opinion.

  9. How did we elect Pooch, Hack and Paulie…?

    What were we thinking…?

  10. In order to release the e-mails #7 they would have to waive their attorney client privilege. It just not easy to have someone who works for the Mayor to search the e-mails and then release them. Mayor Aronsohn always invokes his buss word “Transparency” well where is it now. All fluff.

  11. Don’t beat yourself up about it #9. You and way over 2000. residents did the same.

  12. And yet no story on Paul’s Patch. People who read it don’t understand that the are getting filter news. Remember Mayor Aronsohn knows how to control the press. All of his employment has been in the Public Relations field. Starting with our former Governor.

  13. Where is the outrage about Walsh trying to get her ticket illegally fixed by Gabbert? Whay isn’t that being discussed here? Is the news being filtered here also?

  14. Whitehorse Strategist have you given Mayor Aronsohn a plan to deflect this embarrassment? Can we expect some big announcement. I suspect that part of your fee is to monitor any bad press your clients are receiving and mitigated it as best you can or are you overloaded work on the Senator’s problems.

  15. Well at least it being published here #13 so people can make their own conclusion not hidden from the public under the veil of two dog fighting and smoking as Paul’s Patch has done. Why haven’t they print something about the meeting so residents can get another view. The Rdgewood news has.

  16. Well if our outstanding Mayor thought that there was something wrong with what Walsh did why did not do anything about at the time? I mean he is about transparency. He could have called the county or the AG office. No he was better served by try to sling some mud.

  17. Here they come PJ . Deflect,Deflect, Deflect.

  18. If Mayor Aronsohn believed that Councilwoman did something illegal and did not report it to the proper authority then he is complicate in the alleged crime . Why did he wait? Spin that one #13.

  19. If the Patch won’t post this newsworthy article, nothing prevents the public from posting it for him. Everyone, under very headline on the Patch, copy and paste the link to the ustream and the article. Bombard the Patch with copy and paste all over it.

  20. If Councilwoman Walsh believed that Mayor Aronsohn and the Deputy Mayor did something illegal and did not report it to the proper authority then she is as guilty as they are in the alleged crime . Why did she wait? Spin that one #13.

    No she was better served by try to sling some mud.

  21. If Councilwoman Walsh believed that Mayor Aronsohn and the Deputy Mayor did something illegal and did not report it to the proper authority then she is as guilty as they are in the alleged crime . Why did she wait?

    No she was better served by try to sling some mud.

    try and spin that one #19.

  22. She waited till the next meeting and spoke about.What did your buddy Paul do if anything put it his mud sling pocket for a rain day. Let bring all out in the open Release all the e-mail and let the public decide

  23. I don’t understand what was illegal about the meeting(s) in question. It is not illegal for 2 members of the VC to meet together, unless the specific intent of such a meeting was to circumvent the provisions of the Sunshine laws. That does not appear to have been the case.

    So, what is Bernie specifically alleging?

  24. To #6 -Thed

    It sure looks like your the one who is the d-bag.

    Backroom discussions have been a part of politics since the begining of this country. So why is it that only now your concerned about this type of activity?

    The urbanization of ridgewood began years ago my friend, and apparently you have been asleep. Where were you when the senior citizens building on Ridge road went up? Where were you when the overly large building opposite the County Park went up? How about the office building where the gasoline station was on Ackerman Ave by the railroad tracks, where were you then? I could go on and on but what’s the point, since you were MIA.

    Your post reeks of political mud slinging. So calling you a D-Bag is so fitting!

  25. 24 – I did not live here when the buildings you describe were built.

    My analysis stands. Aronsohn is a D-Bag.


  26. 46 emails and mulitple meetings between only two councilmen, meetings that other council people were not aware of despite asking if anyone was meeting with developers does not sound above board, nor ethical given the scope of zoning changes being asked of the village. Have Paul and Al learned nothing from the Valley fiasco. And the irony of Gwenn “can’t we all just get along” Hauck, blaming Bernie Walsh for the dysfunction on the Council, while Al didn’t even have the courtesy to stay seated while Bernie spoke, (or tried to speak – as Paul gave the floor to everyone but her), was laughable. Paul and Al are bullies and appear to be in bed with the developers. And I would strongly recommend that the League of Women Voter’s review the tape – because in my view they are misogynists as well.

  27. #13 – Bernie did NOT try to get her ticket “fixed.” She paid her ticket, and was simply advising the Village Manager that the police were not checking cars for parking passes as they should be. In other words, she was doing the responsible thing as an elected official, informing the person in charge that proper procedure was not being followed. If you watched the meeting you might have missed this, because the Mayor and Deputy Mayor were so busy stepping on her words and trying to distract from the matter at hand.

    Aronsohn and Pucciarelli should be impeached if this is possible. They are unprofessional and their behavior was akin to middle school – let’s shout louder than she does and call her names and maybe she will cry. Bernie held her ground, she had a point to make and she did eventually make it, in spite of the jackass shenanigans of her three colleagues. Hauck looked like she was reading from a computer and she out-and-out stated that getting along was more important than following the law. Geeezzzzz, this is such a mess for our Village.

  28. #28 Thed,

    I see, so the development of the Village was fine until you moved here and now, because you moved here, all development should stop. Sorry, Thed, the world doesn’t work that way just because you would like it to. Time to face reality. Development happens even in New York City. You want to lve where there is no development I suggest you move. We surely will not miss you. And my assessment stands your, still a D-bag!

  29. To the old timers on this blog; does this remind you of the 90’s when the cigar squad, was split with tom fitzgerald and john ( his last name escapes me) an insurance man.. were fightin back and forth but the gadflys used to show up at the meetings not talk on a blog. Everything they said was open and accounted for. Wilbur Edwards, Mr. Acktar, Ralph Casper,, And for awhile dan johnson, and the guy from beechwood road who had the beef anout the neighbors central air unit. The more time passes the more things remain the same. Either put up with a complaint to the prosecutors office or shut up, and let’s move on to more important things instaead of beating a dead horse.

  30. I do remember Tom Fitzgerald and the other gadflys that used to show up at council meetings. Wilbur Edwards, Mr. Acktar, Ralph Casper,, And to a lesser degree Dan Johnson. By the way the guy from beechwood road who had the beef anout the neighbors central air unit was Gerard Glade Boyle. He was also against the new Fire House on Glen Ave because it was in a flood zone.

    I agree with you, the more time passes the more things remain the same and the complainers should either make a complaint to the prosecutors office or shut up! .

  31. Thed is the type of person who would say ok I have my home here so lets close the borders and not let anyone else in, I also aggree Thed is a d-bag.

  32. I forgot to mention Richard P. Copp, he was one of the more outspoken critics of the Council in the 1980s also.

  33. #33 – It sounds like you are either Paul or Albert, writing anonymously. The nasty insulting language fits with what Paul and Albert were throwing around on Wednesday night. You two are appalling and I hope you both get caught in illegal doings at Ken Smith and taken out in handcuffs. You deserve it. Ridgewood deserves better.

  34. 28&31

    So, you want aronsohn to sell out the town. I think you’re d-bags too


  35. I complained about a ticket once. I was angry and it felt good. No one accused me of trying to have it “fixed”.

  36. I think you all missed the point of Bernie calling about her ticket. Anyone who pays the $650.00 has pre-paid for their parking and should not receive a ticket if parked in a town lot. If she received a ticket, that means that the ticket person didn’t bother to look at the car to see if she had a permit (which means a failure in training). Bernie was simply notifying the proper personell that more training is needed. I’m not sure why she paid the fine (I wouldn’t have since I already pre-paid $650.00 for the permit). I’m sure anyone who has a permit that gets a ticket realizes the ticket was written in error, calls town hall and the ticket should be voided.

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