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SURVEY: 18% of Americans haven’t seen a Doctor in 5+ years

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, this week, put out a survey that found 18% of Americans haven’t seen a doctor in 5+ years. Women are also 20% more likely than men to have seen a doctor and had a doctor’s appointment within the last year.

Mitchell Fong, an expert in public health offers his opinion on why personalized healthcare should be important to all patients:

“Personalized care is an often overlooked aspect of healthcare that patients want and deserve. The following data shows very different perspectives for patients across social determinants. However, what is consistent is that patients want personalized care they can trust, access, and afford. Understanding the patient is one way to improve meaningful relationships with patients and lead to the improved quality care patients want and need.”

Key Findings:

While 43% of all Americans trust a doctor of their own race more than a doctor of another race, 67% of Black Americans trust Black doctors more

34% of Americans cite poor insurance coverage and high co-pays are main reasons they avoid doctor’s appointments

23% of Americans express mistrust of their primary care physician.

You can view the entire survey, HERE.

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