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Susan Madison Candidate for Ridgewood Board of Education Introduces Herself

Susan Madison Candidate for Ridgewood Board of Education (Facebook post)

“Our students have been deprived of the opportunity to experience “normal” schooling for 17 months. Now is the time to focus on the challenges ahead, not relitigate the past. We have a 5-member elected board that has the responsibility of getting our students back to the normalcy and excellence they deserve and that Ridgewood is known for. This is what the residents of Ridgewood expect from their elected BOE members and the reason they selected Ridgewood as their home.”

“As a candidate for BoE, here are the things that I will be prioritizing in my candidacy:
A commitment to in-person academics along with considerations for the mental health and wellness of the whole child.
Providing opportunities to involve parents more frequently and systematically as key stakeholders in the education of their children.
Avoiding the implementation of excessively restrictive policies by RPS and the Board of Health that stem only from recommendations and not mandates. Instead focusing on using data such as local vaccination rates, hospitalization, and deaths to make decisions that are appropriate for our community.
I will ask that the BOE and RPS clearly define the following for residents of Ridgewood:
What Covid policies will be implemented by RPS this coming school year if any?
What metrics will be used to determine the need for these policies?
Is there a clear policy as to when these policies can be lifted?
Has RPS properly assessed the academic and social emotional impact on our children over the past 17 months?
If not – why not?
If RPS has attempted to assess learning loss and mental wellness, have we done so adequately?
What are the district’s plans to address any issues that are surfaced as a result of the quantitative and qualitative data gathered?
What will the district do to fix the lack of adequate and frequent dialogue between families and schools so that our policies help our kids?
How much money is coming into our district from the various stimulus plans?
How will we ensure it is spent wisely to help kids?
What has RPS done for the last 17 months to improve academics and mental health for the students of Ridgewood?
Will RPS commit to treating sports and all other student extracurricular activities equitably as they all provide a much-needed out and socialization for students.
I am sure there are more issues to address– but this is a start. I am running for BoE. This is my platform. Feel free to share it.”

21 thoughts on “Susan Madison Candidate for Ridgewood Board of Education Introduces Herself

  1. What it your position on the curriculum? Will you focus on traditional learning..math, english , science or do you support having our kids spend their day on politically driven initiatives.

  2. She sounds like a one trick pony to me. Her only concern is getting kids back to school full-time. She knows about nothing else.

  3. Open the BOE public forum section of mtgs to Q&A vs public comments only. Every board member should be prepared to answer questions real time.

  4. That’s a lot of questions….. What are her answers if she is elected? I think she’s missing the point here, we don’t need BOE members to ask more questions, we need them to provide more answers.

    Here are my questions for her.
    Do your children attend RPS?
    Where did you go to school?
    What is your area of expertise?
    How does your area of expertise relate to RPS?
    Do you understand the role of the board ie. not to run the district but guide budget.
    How do you plan to get along with the other board members so that we don’t get mired down with infighting?
    How often and why do you file ORPA requests?

  5. P.S. Thank you for running, the voters of Ridgewood deserve a choice and fortunately this election with 5 people running for 3 positions we have a choice.

  6. Will Ridgewood kids be indoctrinated into CRT?

  7. Thank you Susan for taking the time to run. You have already demonstrated your commitment to the BOE by attending meetings, submitting public comment, and yes OPRAing emails to make informed comments and suggestions— not to dig up “dirt” on other people. The amount of time and dedication you have already shown, speaks volumes. Ridgewood BOE would thrive with a candidate of your caliber.

  8. Susan Madison has my vote. Her comments at meetings have been informed often offering suggestions on how to accomplish the tasks at hand. Anybody willing to offer solutions along with the information she provided to board members and the administration is the kind of person we need. As soon as I heard her speak , I hoped that she might consider running. Meanwhile to those who think The Blog is only about reporting negativity ought to re examine their opinion. Who else is reporting on our local issues at this level and keeping us notified about meetings and agendas?

  9. Your CV, please.

  10. All good but what about state mandates on masks, in-person vs. remote learning… etc. the schools are instructed by the state not the BOE.

  11. Local health departments do play a part as do school administrations. At least that is what has been stated by state officials.

  12. A board member’s opinion about a state mandate is irrelevant.

  13. Governor Murphy announced that there will be no mask mandate for the opening of schools in September 2021 . School districts can decide otherwise. I believe Susan Madison was asking the board to look at other districts who were more open than we were to see what it was that they were doing differently and under what circumstances. Things could change but as of today we have some choices.

  14. Aren’t students going back in person, full time in the fall? Mask is optional?

  15. Besides the pandemic related issues, what else does she stand for? Is her platform primarily about the pandemic issues?.

  16. Susan has attended BOE meetings for as far back as I can remember.
    In contrast Mamood only attended a couple of meetings where he requested for holiday.
    Susan has been to meetings to discuss curriculum issues, referendum issues, social emotional issues and other issues.


  18. Susan Madison is a loving mother of an RPS Student and Graduate. She has my vote in the BOE election. Her ethics and what she stands for is what Ridgewood Public Schools need in this challenging time. As I’ve heard from her remarks through the BOE meetings, it is clear that her main focus is on the children, and making sure they have the best quality education. She wants to focus on stronger communication between the faculty and families, to create more stability in the school system. I stand by Susan.

  19. Wow. Susan you have my vote. It’s the biggest concern in my household.

  20. What is her stance on CRT? And also on LGBT and other explicit sexual topic teachings?

  21. As i review candidates presently i have no opinion other than what she has written about herself and the issues she has mentioned. There is more that all candidates can say about other issues such as CRT & LGBT etc that can surely sway my vote.

    anonymous to prevent hate mail , etc. I am also in favor of voter ID.

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